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secret notes band hero?

what songs have secret notes how to get them

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    Secret Notes 1

    Hint: *e*** *c******y

    Hint: Jesse McCartney

    Secret Notes 2

    Hint: **n** ***k***

    Hint: Janet Jackson

    Secret Notes 3

    Hint: *** *ol**** ****e*

    Hint: The Rolling Stones

    Secret Notes 4

    Hint: **l* *ll**

    Hint: Lily Allen

    Secret Notes 5

    Hint: A** * A*

    Hint: Aly & AJ

    Secret Notes 6

    Hint: ***o*n 5

    Hint: Maroon 5

    Secret Notes 7

    Hint: **v** *o***

    Hint: David Bowie

    Secret Notes 8

    Hint: *v***s***c*

    Hint: Evanescence

    Secret Notes 9

    Hint: H*****

    Hint: Hinder

    Secret Notes 10

    Hint: *a* B****a*

    Hint: Pat Benatar

    Secret Notes 11

    Hint: *o ***b*

    Hint: No Doubt

    Secret Notes 12

    Hint: ***v** **y*

    Hint: Marvin Gaye

    Secret Notes 13

    Hint: **i** *i***

    Hint: Spice Girls

    Secret Notes 14

    Hint: **ll*** ****l*

    Hint: Village People

    Secret Notes 15

    Hint: **l*** **ff

    Hint: Hilary Duff

    Secret Notes 16

    Hint: *e***w***d

    Hint: Yellowcard

    Secret Notes 17

    Hint: *h* *ll-**e***** **j****

    Hint: The All-American Rejects

    Secret Notes 18

    Hint: **y O******

    Hint: Roy Orbison

    Secret Notes 19

    Hint: **r* **u****

    Hint: Carl Douglas

    I've heard the easiest way to get em, is to 100% the songs. Or if you have trouble on the higher difficulties you can 100% 'em on easy.

    Source(s): From this post, scroll down and you have to hit a button that says "Spoilers"
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    Band Hero Secret Notes

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