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1. 民粹有時會變成可怕的漩渦。南方朔前輩的評論說的好:「有集體的恐懼就會搧起集體的瘋狂;當人人歇斯底里,集體的嗜血症裡就不缺羔羊。」

2. (《推销员之死》1958年)一个一生充满着理想与追求并为之不断奋斗的人最终为了维护价值和自尊义无反顾地走向了死亡,即使只是一个平凡的小人物,也足以深深打动观者的心了。

3. 有人说《推销员之死》是“精心埋藏在美国精神大厦下的一枚定时炸弹”,确实,绝大多数观众都能或多或少从威利身上找到共鸣,为朋友、亲人、乃至自己的命运哀叹,从而反思长久以来奉为国家精神支柱的美国梦存在的价值。

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    Populist sometimes become terrible whirlpool. Nanfang Shuo seniors commented that good: "There will be fans from the collective fear of the collective madness; when everyone is hysterical, and the collective lack of bloodthirsty disease where no lambs."


    ( "Death of a Salesman" in 1958) a life filled with ideals and the pursuit of constant struggle, and work eventually in order to safeguard the value and self-esteem not hesitate to move toward death, even if only an ordinary little people, but also deeply impressed viewers enough to think.


    Some people say, "Death of a Salesman" is "well-buried in the United States under the spirit of building a time bomb," It is true that the vast majority of the audience can be found more or less sympathy from Willie, for friends, relatives, and even lamented the fate of their own, which has long been regarded as a reflection on the spiritual pillar of the national existence of the value of the American dream.

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