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Tourism on organic farms in South Korea: a new form of ecotourism?

This exploratory research examines the potential of organic farms in South Korea to enable a distinct form of environmentally sustainable tourism.

Case studies involving in-depth interviews with three organic farms and content analysis of the websites of 38 organic farms offering tourism-related activities were conducted.

An analytical framework using key ecotourism principles was developed to guide an evaluation of activities and practices on the farms.

Organic farmers in the study were concerned about ecological conditions on their land, possessed close ties to that land, and employed related knowledge to help preserve natural habitat and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

Social-cultural gains were evident, for both visitors and local inhabitants. It is argued that this type of tourism on organic farms may be a potentially new form of ecotourism (eco-organic farm tourism).

The study suggests that ecotourism principles may be usefully applied as a guiding sustainability paradigm for small scale, organic farms engaging in tourism. This new tourism type can be employed as a strategy for facilitating sustainable agriculture, local development, social-cultural and environmental conservation, wellbeing, and learning.

Further research needs to be carried out both in Korea and elsewhere to develop this eco-organic farm tourism concept.

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    旅遊業在有機農場在南韓: ecotourism的一個新的形式?





    社會文化獲取為訪客和地方居民是顯然的。 它被爭論旅遊業的這個類型在有機農場也許是ecotourism (eco有機農廠旅遊業)的一個潛在地新的形式。

    研究建議ecotourism原則也許有用地被申請作為一個引導的能持續力範例為參與在旅遊業方面的小規模,有機農場。 這個新的旅遊業類型可以被使用作為一個戰略為促進持續性農業、地方發展、社會文化和環境保護,福利和學會。



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