How to fix out-of-battery problem with new STI GP6 pistol?

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I recently purchased a brand new a 9mm STI GP-6 SA/DA pistol. The problem I have is that the slide does not go all the way forward (out of battery) while feeding a round into the more
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  • TDM answered 5 years ago
First, do a field strip according to the manual and make sure everything is clean and then lightly oil all moving/sliding/rotating parts. Back at the range, try a few different brands of ammo, as some guns are picky about what they eat. Assuming it came with 2 magazines, check if the problem only occurs with one of them. I read some reviews about this pistol and they all commented on how well it performed, so I would probably lean toward the ammo or a lack of oil.

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  • Josh answered 5 years ago
    Take it back or sell it. Then buy a better brand of gun.
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