Outdoor Marijuana Plant?


I'm growing a marijuana plant outdoor on my balcony.

It's growing fine from what i can tell.

It's been about 3 - 4 months.

Anyways, There is one stem that divides into two different plants.

both whom seem identical,

Is this normal? A mutant plant?

Also, The plant started about 2 weeks ago producing what at the moment seemed to be seed pods, or some kind of pods,

But now they are growing white fuzz looking hairs,

Could this be a pre-step towards budding?

This of course is all for medical purposes. My wife has a chronic condition. That does indeed affect her ability to go on day after day.

Thank you

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No such thing as a mutant cannabis plant dude. You might be looking at a hermaphrodite. Cannabis is not unlike every other species on the planet. There is a male and female version. The female plant is the one that produces the stuff that you smoke. Males produce seeds, which in turn fertilize the females in order to keep the genetics passed along.

    When a female plant is stressed (i.e. too much heat or cold, too long photo period, etc) the female plant will start to develop male flowers, or seed pods. The plant will continue to develop normal female flowers, but at a certain point the male seed pods will open and pollinate the buds, which will give you seeded bud. You can still smoke the bud, it just won't be as potent, due to the fact that THC production stops when the buds are pollinated.

    When you have plants that are growing outdoors it is very important to monitor climate changes closely. If your plants are too cold at night, the shock can stress them into hermies. Good luck with the plant.

    Source(s): medicinal marijuana patient.
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