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Good dance colleges in New York?

I won't be going to college for a few more years but it's always good to think about your options early. I was wondering what are some good dance colleges? I would prefer to go somewhere in New York or close to there. Suggestions? Oh and I want to go to a college with all dance forms (Ballet, Modern, Jazz, and Tap) not just Ballet and Modern. Thanks!

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    Hi Gabby,

    I answered your other question, first, about getting accepted to a dance college. But before answering this question, I thought I should update my list of college dance programs with a broad offering of dance styles.

    If you're serious about pursuing all those dance styles, you're going to have to ask yourself which is more important: good training in those styles or being in New York. Because there's really only one school in New York City that would come close to meeting your needs. While Marymount Manhattan College claims to offer concentrations in Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Choreography, they only offer beginning and intermediate levels of jazz and tap. I know a couple of students who attended MMC, and the faculty simply shrug off their shortcomings and merely tell their students to take extra classes at places like Steps and Broadway Dance Center. Of course, that means spending extra money on top of their high tuition. But, if you've got the money, those studios are excellent places to train at the professional levels in all dance styles.

    Here is the link for Marymount:

    I know of no other college in New York State (if that's what you meant) with a diverse dance program. The next closest you're going to get is Pennsylvania, where there's University of the Arts, Muhlenberg College and Point Park University.

    Here's my updated list of Triple Emphasis Programs that offer advanced levels of ballet, modern and jazz, with notes on how much tap they offer.

    Chapman University (includes advanced tap and intermediate hip hop and ballroom)

    Marygrove College (includes advanced tap)

    Muhlenberg College (no audition; includes advanced tap)

    Point Park University (only beginning tap)

    Southern Methodist University (no tap)

    University of Arizona (includes advanced tap)

    University of California, Irvine (includes advanced-intermediate tap)

    University of Kansas (no tap)

    University of Nevada, Las Vegas (includes advanced tap and ballroom; intermediate hip hop)

    University of the Arts (includes advanced tap)

    Western Michigan Univeristy (only offers beginning tap)

    To that list you might also want to add Columbia College Chicago, a non-audition program, that offers three "levels" of ballet, modern and jazz and two levels of tap. But their course descriptions don't actually claim that their top level would be considered "advanced." And since they are a non-audition program, with their Level 1 classes at the beginners level, it's hard to see how Level 3 is advanced.

    Oklahoma City University has indeed made a name for themselves for training dancers who work on the commercial/ business side of the dance industry. But as you can read in OCU Dance's repeated postings (that don't do much to answer the questions at hand), they don't offer modern dance. They do, however, offer advanced levels in ballet, jazz and tap.

    But, FWIW, here is the FULL link to their site that you can click on:

    Again, as I said in my other answer, get hold of the Dance Magazine College Guide to read up on these programs:

    Source(s): My daughter also sought out advanced training in ballet, modern, jazz and tap, and earned her BFA in dance from one of the above schools. She is now a professional dancer who is dancing all those styles.
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    New York Dance Colleges

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    Dance Colleges In New York

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    The colleges in NYC with dance programs focus on Ballet, or Ballet/Modern. Many of them do offer elective courses such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Musical Theater, etc. but its not part of the major curriculum/focus. Hunter College NYU Queens College Queensborough Community College Marymount Purchase Skidmore Hofstra Adelphi Barnard Julliard I only know about colleges in New York state with dance programs. I'm sure there's more in NY.

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    While Okahoma City University is not in New York, the programs offered by OCU's Ann Lacy School of American Dance and Arts Management prepare dancers for the dance and entertainment industry in New York. OCU offers three unique dance degrees: Dance Performance, Dance Management and American Dance Teacher. Our school focuses on American dance forms, including jazz, tap, and ballet as used in musical theater. Our graduates can be found dancing all across the entertainment industry from Broadway to Las Vegas, from L.A. to Tokyo.

    The Dance Performance degree is for dancers interested in becoming a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Dance performance majors take classes in dance technique (jazz, tap, ballet, musical theater, pointe, partnering, rhythm tap, and more), acting, and voice. In addition to developing performing abilities, dance performance majors also learn to manage their careers through classes concerning professional standards and conduct, contracts, dancer’s health and anatomy. Dance performance majors also take classes in jazz, tap and ballet pedagogy and choreography, so they are also prepared for careers as teachers and choreographers as well as triple threat performers.

    The Dance Management degree is for dancers interested in dancing as well as the management of the arts. The dance management degrees supports a wide range of career possibilities for dancers. Dance management majors have a core of dance technique classes (jazz, tap, ballet, musical theater, pointe, partnering, rhythm tap, and more), arts management classes, and business classes. The arts management core of classes include: entertainment technology, non-profit management, fundraising and development, touring performing arts, presenting and sponsoring performances, contracts, stage management and costuming. The business core of classes include: marketing, economics, accounting, business law, business finance, statistics and management and organization. The dance management degree is ideal for a wide variety of dancers including dancers who would like have a performance career and then transition to a management career without having to return to college to supplement earlier training. Other dancers may want to work as a company manager, stage manager or another arts management position after college.

    The American Dance Teacher degree is for dancers interested in a lifelong career as an extraordinarily well-prepared teacher. The new American dance teacher degree provides dancers with a depth and breadth of study never attempted by other dance programs. Dancers will experience a well-rounded program that includes instruction in: tap, jazz and ballet technique, tap, jazz and ballet pedagogy, dance history, choreography, anatomy and dance health, dance studio management, dance studio technology, marketing and advertising, contracts and management and non-profit management. American dance teacher majors also will receive hands on experience through teaching in the Community Dance Center while receiving feedback from OCU dance faculty.

    If any of these three majors sound like they might be right for you, more information can be found at

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