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What's the best way to approach a girl in college?

Give me some tricks to become girl's friend and all. Thanky you! After the class ends, it seems i cannot continue talking to them... what can i do? Give me elaborate tips.

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    You are Leonardo Dicaprio, i think you will manage.

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    hmm well I'm in college as well, ask if they want to study over something in the class. Like before a test say hey do you want to have a study thing before?...or ask them if they wanna go have lunch depending on what time your class is, my classes are kinda lined up right before most the meal times. Or just walk them to their next class :) like say hey whats your next class?...can I walk you there?...they would be like AWWW at least I would lol or read twilight and ask them if they are excited for new moon!! I totally am and if a guy ever asked me that I would totally flip with excitement lol hope I helped thats all I can think of... :) good lucky

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    it's over...

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