Can someone give me a link to a map of China?

I am looking for an old map of china. I learned today in class that back in Imperial China (I think or the republic era) cartographers used to make China look like an island. I have tried looking for one but I am having a hard time finding it.


I need a map of China that shows china as a seperate piece of land, like an island. This is the way cartographers in China made maps back in the day apperently. My teaher attributes that to the fact that they thought they were the center of the earth

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    This link will take you to maps of ancient China:

    Another site of interest would be:

    This is a paper written about Liu Gang, The Chinese Inventor of Bi-Hemispherical World Map. It includes some maps in the paper.

    You can also search out "ancient chinese cartographers" in the images section of your favorite search engine and you'll find quite a few maps.

    EDIT: I haven't come across any maps portraying China as an island. Chinese history is full of invaders from other lands so the cartographers in history would have been well aware that China was not an island.

    The scholastic paper referenced above goes into nice detail about the history of Chinese cartography. One of the maps used as an illustration shows misplaced seas, etc. which could be a part of the "middle kingdom" concept.

    Most of the time, though, cartographers placed China in the center of their maps, thus pointing out the "middle kingdom" part of their history. Trading routes, etc., were developed all in a way to reach "the center of the earth" for greater resources.

    This is the oldest surviving map of China

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    The link below is a page listing maps of ancient China dynasty, perhaps, it is old enough.

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    maybe this if you mean the period of Republic of China.

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