Can your employer penalize you for doing fire department activities such as fundraisers?

I am the head of our fundraiser committee, and we have an activity this weekend that I have to be at and my employer is docking me points in our points system. I was told that it is Pennsylvania state law that they cannot penalize you for doing fire department activities. Does this include fundraisers as well as emergency situations.....or does it just include emergency situations? Please when responding include a link to which I can go to and print out your answer if it came from the web.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You cannot be fired or disciplined for time lost in the line of duty

    It doesn't look like fundraising would be considered "line of duty"

  • 1 decade ago

    "Points system" ...?

    I guess it depends how much advance notice you gave him or her. You obviously heard about the fundraiser weeks ago, so if you told your boss about it today when it was too late for him to make other arrangements he would be miffed.

    If this ends up losing you money or fabulous prizes you should file a complaint with the labour board. If it's just a title or something trivial, then who cares?

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