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Mange on a miniature pinscher?

I picked up a stray little miniature pinscher, and she has mange, it isnt too bad, just little patches here and there. Honestly i cant afford to take her to the vet just yet, but I was told to give her a bath, put oxigenized water on her patches of mange, and then neosporin. I did all of that, and i was wondering, does anyone know how long does it take for that to cure? Shes dying to come inside, Im going crazy cuz i feel so bad for her, please any suggestions would be great, and also, is mange really contagious? I dont want to get it, nor i want my other pets to get it :S

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    did the vet tell you its demodectic mange or sarcoptic mange?

    sarcoptic mange is the one that's very infectious,all humans and animals can get it.

    our dog had demodectic mange,didn't respond to any other treatment except Ivermectin for farm animals(yes,all farm animals able to get mange).Make sure,you order the Ivermectin that's the oral medicine,as there are injectable forms too!

    It is given by weight:check your dogs weight,round it up,not down.

    Order Ivermectin also called Ivomec from any farming supply.

    i know this

    did the vet do a skin scraping and look under a microscope?

    Mange is tiny mites that burrow into the skin.

    Source(s): is the dog itching like mad? =sarcoptic mange not itchy,small spots on face,around eyes,around lips=demodectic mange
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    Nothing you have done will cure mange. While it may help with associated skin irritation, the mange needs to be treated by a vet. There are several types of mange, and without a skin scraping, you don't know what type she has. Some types are highly contagious and some are not. They also have different treatments. Mange is very itchy and painful. Look into CareCredit, it will allow you to make payments on her vet care, often interest-free. If you can not take her to the vet right now for help, please surrender her to a rescue group or shelter.

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    You really need to take her to a vet. A skin scraping will only run you about $50 and you will know for sure what you are dealing with. Oral doses of Ivermectin for a Minpin are really inexpensive (around $20 for three weeks worth), and will cure the issue.

    In the meantime DO NOT put any kind of cream on it that has steroids in it, which I believe Neosporin has. If this is mange, it will make the condition much worse. Give her a bath in a soothing hypoallergenic shampoo and put a t-shirt on her for the itching and just in case she IS contagious with Sarcoptic mange.

    Most of the time this is Demodex mange, which is not contagious and relatively easy to get control of.

    ETA: Mild Demodex in puppies is easy to get rid of and often goes away by itself if the pup is healthy and well cared for.

    Source(s): Have treated both types of mange in many rescued Minpins.
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    As everyone else has said, you need to get a skin scraping. I too took in a puppy with mange and we got a complete house infestation! 2 of us got scabies (human mange) and 2 of my other dogs picked up the mange. Once you get a scraping, if it is the type that requires ivomec - I would suggest getting the first week's shot from them and then order it from jeffers as said above. It is way cheaper to order it yourself in most cases. If you try to treat it yourself too long it will affect more than just their skin.

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    I'm not really sure about home remedies, but I do know, if you use a pet shampoo that contains oatmeal, this will relieve the itching. Also, a lotion with aloe vera. Because there are diff. types of mange, a vet is really the only person that can treat the dog. He may prescribe an oral, powder, or ointment medication. (May be you could set up a pymt. plan??) BTW, Thanks! for the rescue. :}

    Source(s): Min Pin owner!
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    Get advice.

    Some mange is contagious and different types require different treatments.

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    Neosporin is not going to have any effect on mange - you are dealing with a mite, not bacteria.

    You really need to take her to the vet, in order to get any effective treatment.

    Source(s): lots o dogs
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    i think you should have taken her to the vet or to your local animal shelter. your dogs might get mange just be careful. the mini pin does need medical attention and you should go ASAP!

    Source(s): volunteer at local animal shelter.
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    My next door neighbor work in avets office. She told us this summer.wheh our dog had a similar skin condition to mange. Give your dog a nice warm gentle bath in Blue Dawn dish liquid. It stops the itching. And our dog stop scratching long enough, to start healing. It worked great. She got all her beautiful back. And no visible scars, if any.

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