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Considering trading my 1999 Cadillac Seville STS for a 2002 Jaguar X-Type. Any other owners take on this?

I have a diamond pearl white, 1999 Cadillac Seville STS completely loaded with every option. Tinted windows, good tires, ect the only issue with it is that its wipers currently do not work because of wiring. I have a trade offer to a 2002 Jaguar X-Type. Almost fully loaded with only single CD instead of multi but the Jag has 130k miles to my cars 147k miles. My car still actually books at $100 more than the Jaguar but I'd consider giving the guy $500 because of miles on his Jag and my wipers not working to make the deal straight. Is this a good deal? The Jag has AWD for our Minnesota winters but I'm afraid of its reliability. Transmission issues seem to abound in all Jaguars so I'm wondering if any Jag owner could help me with the green light?


LmAo I didn't want a retard answering the question that doesn't know a thing about vehicles. First of all it's hilarious you compared the Jag to the Contour which shares only 20% of it's parts with Ford and not a one with the Contour so fail there. Secondly it's not a sensor you dumbass it's the wiring like I said it's about a $1200 repair and nothing I can do myself you have to change out half the crap from under the steering column to under the hood.

So anyways, anyone with a clue please respond only.

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    The other guy makes out better, sorta'. Okay, maybe it's a wash.

    You are just taking a rebadged Ford Contour off his hands. He just gets a Caddy that's about to $500 sensor his way to the poor house. I have a friend who traded a 2001 STS with 39,000 miles off for a 2010 GMC Canyon. One $500 steering stabilizer sensor was enough for him!

    You have a nose for crummy cars. Not sure how to approach that one...

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    Both are top brands with a very high degree of customer loyalty. Personally, I would go for the BMW 525i, which I have known is not as temperamental as the Jaguars. Further, the BMW has an excellent service network. In our part of the world the BMWs hold a higher resale value as compared to the other brand.

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