When Jon and Kate Gosselin split.?

Kate said in her interview, that she and Jon had discussions about splitting last year. She didn't say they 'split' But they had discussions. Jon is attacking her on Twitter saying, 'well at least she is admitting it instead of lying' She didn't say they had split, just they had discussions about it. What do u all think?

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    To me, I don't think Kate had plans on splitting - ever. She probably thought in her mind that they were just a bickering couple, but she did say that it got to the point where it was really nasty. You wish people could bite their tongues and not fight in front of the kids, but the stress becomes way too much and words fly.

    Kate has said she was stunned when they separated and Jon said the same thing. He kept asking himself "Why, what went wrong" (in his words in interviews). I tend to side with Jon on that one - he probably didn't see it coming. Kate probably got to the point where she gave him an ultimatum and he did not go along with it - hence the split. So they were both pretty stunned when they went their separate ways.

    Hopefully Jon can become a responsible human being and transform into a hermit for the next few months. Stay out of the spotlight, get rid of the girls and focus on being a good Father. That's what's most important. If he says one more time that he needs to apologize and make things right (with EVERYONE), I'm going to scream. Quit doing interviews and quit saying that. Just do it!

    Jon lies so much, he can't keep track of what he's told to so many people. Even his little girlfriend has said it on the Insider. I think he has a problem. My husband who does not watch regularly said he always thought Jon was a good guy, but even he shakes his head now and asks what's wrong with him. He needs serious changes in his life.

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    i'm not exactly sure what i think. i can see both points.

    When i watched the show Kate seemed like a total BI TCH!! and i didn't very much like her.

    But then jon kind of egged her on a lot.

    i'm going to say that it doesn't matter how many kids are involved Jon should have the right to move on with his life and have a love life. Just like Kate should move on as well.

    I want to know. If they were talking about splitting up a year ago why did they continue on with the show?

    maybe they're both liars, cuz when i watched it, i knew they had typical couple and parent problems, but i didn't think they were going to split up. They're both really good actors. So who knows who's telling the truth and who's not anymore.

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    Jon tells a lot of lies, big and small. He said on several different talk shows, with his lawyer present that he did not take $210,000 from their bank account then comes out of the court hearing and says that he'll return the money as per court order. Things started going down hill last year but they didn't split until this year and it was because of his carrousing.

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    i'm extraordinarily disturbed approximately this finished ordeal. definite i think that money and in part attractiveness had a huge component in the separation of Jon and Kate. yet once you're in the regularly occurring public's eye and publishing Christian books, you do no longer act the way the two certainly one of them have. in the event that they had placed the babies aside and did what substitute into proper for them, which includes getting counseling, i think they could make it. How do you marry somebody and then in basic terms say... nope I basically milked you for what you have been properly worth and then i'm going to get yet another. certainly everyone grows in a diverse way and could earnings diverse pastimes than they as quickly as did. yet while their concentration substitute into no longer plenty on themselves and their young babies yet on God, i think they could be at the same time and working extra stable to stay at the same time. no longer asserting that certainly everyone seems to be perfect yet by employing all ability... the component that makes you fall in the 1st place is often the devil. he's working against them and with the aid of this occasion he's winning. How dare they enable him rule their lives!

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    Yes pretty much every time Jon opens his mouth he's lying.

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