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How long did it take you to master the piano?

I have currently been taking lessons once a week for 2 years, sometimes she has family plans, so i miss a week, and each year i have an option for taking a summer break, though i don't, because there is nothing else for me to do.

i have gone through primer level, 1st level, and 2nd level piano books (forget what its called though...) and am not yet done with the john W. Schaum Blue book.

i had to stop on Repertoire level 3 book because the first song was to tricky for me...so i fell like now i am not going to master piano as fast as everyone else is because the first song was too hard...and for the side songs just for fun, i am doing hymns, level 1. I practice every day for 30-50 minutes and some songs are still too hard. I first started so i could master things like modern songs, game songs, and popular music covers. Even a few songs from beethoven.

how long did it take you to master the piano and how can i inprove so that i can go at an average pace to master the piano.

*side note* i am also learning how to read music.

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    I cannot read music. I play by ear (NO, NOT WITH MY EAR, i just play by listening). I don't know that anyone has Mastered the piano. It is an instrument which can be played in many ways that can make many sounds of which not all have been heard. You may be well versed in playing the piano, but I would be reluctant to say someone has mastered it.

  • I went piano too for about 2 years now and i am already on grade 3:)

    i still not that good on it

    i can't just go on the piano get a book an play it ha x]

    yeah i need to learn how to read music and i got a theory test Wednesday :|

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