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Will the Phillies pitch Happ in game 7?

if their is one. He pitched a complete game against them earlier this year.

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    Possibly, the Fightin Phils will do what is necessary to win back to back championships, Happ, Lee, Hamels whatever, Game 7 will be a blast.

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    Love the back to the furture refeerence!

    Dont get to far ahead of yourself, first they would have to win game 6 & whos to say the Perdo wont get shelled & the Phillies have to bring in Happ to save him & somehow the Phillies find a way to win game 6...then all you would have left is Hammels. Also what about if the Philies need some big outs against the lefties tonight & Eyre has already thrown? Are you gonna sit Happ & hope for the best? Or use Happ & not have him for tommorow?

    Anything can happen, the Phillies will have to play this game like there is no tommorow so they cant hold out a pitcher in hope of tommorow!

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    The Phillies will pitch whoever they have to in order to stay alive in this series. If Happ is needed, he'll pitch. There is no tomorrow if the Phillies lose.

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    No, because there wont be a game 7 World Series.

    I have a Sports Almanac from the future...2030 actually, so I know the scores and outcomes from all major sporting events...Yea I even have a hoverboard, they dont work on water

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