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Are love spells really that bad and create bad karma?

I've read a few questions/answers on love spells and most of them mention how they are bad because they with free will. But I always thought that magick cant make or create wmesshat's not already there. In other words of there is no real love on behalf of the person (you want to attract) it won't work. The magick or spell only works if there is something there and it only helps bring to the persons conscious what is already in the sub-conscious those making them more aware of their feelings. I'd love to hear from people with actual knowledge pactice of Wicca, Voodoo, Santeria or anything of that sort. Thanks in advance for you opinions and discussion.

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    well it all depends. Lets say that Magick works with energies and that you could influence these energies, well that is a start. Lets also say that we can be influenced by energies. Next step. You know that hypnosis works - at least in some cases. So it is not impossible that someone could be influenced to do and maybe even feel something he usually would not do or feel. Or at least make him believe that....

    Now, in a more global thinking, any action causes a re-action somewhere. Nature and the universe is looking for balance. Everything is connected with everything. So that is when something you do will have an effect not only in one direction. If you have to overcome resistance by force, even if it is mental force, it will hit you back. Now, I am not saying that spells in such a way really work. Although being a ceremonial magician I have no proof that a spell as such would have such an influence to overcome someone else´s will. But I also would not exclude the possibility. But in any case, the (negative) energy you are sending out will go somewhere and finally come back to you...

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Are love spells really that bad and create bad karma?

    I've read a few questions/answers on love spells and most of them mention how they are bad because they with free will. But I always thought that magick cant make or create wmesshat's not already there. In other words of there is no real love on behalf of the person (you want to attract)...

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  • Erika
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    Bad Spells

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    I did a love spell to bring love to me 8 years ago. It was an elaborate spell and took time to do. It did work. I did a spell to bring me love, it was not for a specific person. Within a week I met someone who rocked my world. We were together 8 years. During those 8 years he lied to me, stole from me and a variety of other crappy things happened. I had a difficult time letting go of him because I thought it was true love but be careful what you wish for. I did the spell right, I didnt do all the pre spell prep. I didnt cast a white circle and protect myself from negative influence and I got some bad ****. After many years of practicing wicca I have learned to protect myself. Spells are not for the beginner or lay person to play with. Know what you are doing before you do it.

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  • Hello Diet Pepsi Max Fan so we meet again. Last time you posted a rant about magick and readings you deleted it after I posted an answer. I do not believe it was the first time you did that to me but I could be wrong. Luckily I save all of my questions so perhaps I could resend it again?

    Again you fail to answer the question and instead give your own personal opinion on the matter. Don't get me wrong it's perfectly welcome but it would help the asker if you would please list your proof that there is no god, that prayers do not work or that we don't have souls.

    There are two types of love spells (keeping this general) one is a "true" love spell where the person attracts to him or herself unconditional love, the sort of love that is healing and lasting. This love, or energy, can be used to attract a good partner to you.

    The other sort of love spells are only called so because of their use. they are used in relationships that are not going as well as one would like and they would like to turn things around. In a desperate attempt to keep the person from leaving them some people turn to these "love" spells. Now is this wrong? That is a question to which you will get a different answer to when you ask different people. Many will want to look at the situation.

    These love spells can in fact be useful, in my opinion, but are by no means useful in actually keeping anyone and living happily ever after. What they do is "cage" in a person just long enough so that you can change whatever is wrong or heal the relationship after that the magick wears off and by then you should have healed whatever needed your attention so that you can share a healthy and happy relationship. If you were the person at fault then it would be wise to change whatever it is that caused the break up in the first place otherwise the magick will wear off and you will end up back where you started. If you re-do the magick then you will only soffocate the person, the person MIGHT still stay with you but it will be an unhealthy and possibly abusive relationship.

    So depending on the situation BEFORE the break up, the situation during the break up a witch (or whoever you choose to help you in this) will surely determine if it is wise to use a love spell and what sort of love spell should also be used. There are some that are technically not love spells but work with relationships just to provide a window opportunity so that the other person will hear you out and want to give it another try and then there are magicks that can keep the person from leaving you so that you can have the time to work things out (no guarantees can be made when using magick).

    Karma is a universal teacher that helps keep things in balance including your own life. Say you spent a great deal of your life getting everything handed to you as a child and you grow up to be the same way, well karma might want to repair this little flaw in you by teaching you to get things on your own. Karma's lessons can be soft or really harsh and theres no telling how the lesson will show up. That lesson can come by gently by maybe finding someone who says something to you and opens your eyes so that you can be independent or it can be harsh and put you in a situation where no one will help you and you are left to do things for yourself.

    Karma doesn't apply to just magick but every single action we do. Karma actually means "action". So using magick to forcefully keeping a person there is equal to kidnapping a person, tying them up and not letting them go. This is an abusive and controlling action so a lesson could be learning to respect and to know that some things are out of your control and you can't have it your way. This lesson, for example, could possibly come in a way where you are in a situation where you have no control and must learn to accept that.

    Now the first kind of love spell mentioned could in fact clear things up for a person so that they can choose for themseleves. Usually involves a sort of cleansing so that the person can see the love and not all the problems in between.

    These spells may be used in matters of love but even when the person does not have any such feelings towards you they can still work as I have seen them. It is very much like when we use magick to become more attractive to others. They may be complete strangers yet they are subject to the energies we send out at every moment.

    I hope I have answered your question and as you well know, you may contact me for further elaboration on any of the above mentioned or for more questions.


    Shadow Storm

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    • Angela4 years agoReport

      hi shadow storm! i love your answers. i have a few questions i would like you to answer because i believe you have great knowledge. if you dont mind, pls email me @ love n' light!

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  • Anonymous
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    Well, I've had a love spell cast in me before, and I'd like to say, it's like hell. You sort of don't get a choice, but luckily I had sources to help me break it!

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      Someone close to me is experiencing symptoms of a love spell. What does it feel like? Are the memories vivid? Did you have symptoms of headaches, fogginess, rage, face darkening, multiple personalities? I don't know how to help this person, or understand what they are going through.

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    To force someone to love you (and it is possible, even if there was nothing there) is wrong.

    Now to cast a spell to bring love to you, without thinking of someone in particular, is fine. That will bring forward a person who either already loves you or will love you once they know you and does not affect their freewill.

    I did that one, met my now husband for the first time two days later. We both knew when we laid eyes on each other for the first time, that we loved each other, even though we never met before.

    • can you tell me how to do this? thank you!

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  • 4 years ago

    Bring Your Ex Lover Back -

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  • 1 decade ago

    They don't work. And it's really hard to sow your hairs into someone else's coat without them knowing.

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  • Think about it: A love spell doesn't work unless you are already in love...

    Weight loss pills don't work unless you are already skinny.

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