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Do you like the girl's name Andrea?

I know is very overused; however, my husband wants this name because of family reasons. So I need another one to combine ir.

I like Sophia, Camila, Juliana, Victoria, but I don't if the go well together. Let me get some suggestions.

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    I like Andrea-Victoria. thats pretty =)

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    I think family names are often better suited as middle names myself. I'm not quite sure if I like the flow of it with most of your names as they all end in A sounds. From your list my favorite is Juliana, such a pretty name. Juliana Andrea doesn't have the best ring to it though. Andrea Juliana or Andrea Sophia sound the best combination wise.

  • Lenny
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    I agree with the previous poster that Andrea does not flow well with other names that end in 'a.'

    I liked the suggestion someone made of Andrea Camille. Perhaps you should think along those lines.

    Perhaps: Andrea Michelle

    Andrea Elise

    Andrea Emily

    Andrea Sofie

    Andrea Alexis

    Out of the names you have shared, I like Victoria the best. Good luck!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Sophia and Camila.

    I think Camila Andrea sounds good together.

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  • Lindy
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    A tip with this name, if Andrea is the first name, a one syllable middle name is most suited, for example Mae. You seem to like names that end in 'a'. If Andrea is going to be the middle name, I think Sophia Andrea sounds best. Sarah Andrea is nice aswell.

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    I Like Victoria!

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    I like it a lot.

    What about Andrea Leah

    Andrea Lysette

    Andrea Carmen or Andrea Elizabeth?..

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    I love Andrea.. :)

    Andrea Camille

    Andrea Julianne

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Use it as the middle name. I like Victoria as the first name.

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