I Take Threen Tsps. Of Benadryl For Allergies A Day. Will I Over-Dose?

It's For An Allergic Reaction I Had; And My Allergies I Don't Want It To Kill Me Though


Yes, It's Liquid.

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    this medication is not a cure for allergies. It simply removes the physical reaction that your body is having to the allergy. If you are allergic to chocolate, and take three tsps of Benedryl per day, that does'nt mean that your body will not have a reaction to chocolate if you eat some. And besides, if the benedryl is 'over the counter', then that's a milder form. But if you're taking the prescription benedry., I think you should advise your doctor about the three tsps per day. Good Luck.

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    I know a young adult who has been taking Benadryl for more than two years due to extreme allergic complications at high dosages. This has effected his life a lot as it increases drowsiness and create complications (long term). It is not recommended that individuals continue to take medications on their own. Its best for you to see an allergist and get some consultation on what you should do. Long term overdoes is not very safe, as you can develop worse illnesses. I hope this has helped you. But please make sure you see an allergist. :) and if you feel like you have taken an overdoes, drink a lot of water, and try and consume anti-oxidants the best of which is pomegranate as a fruit or juice. The dosage you took will not kill you. I Promise.

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    Your talking liquid aren't you ? how much of this in pill form is it.I take 25 Mgs a day in pill form. Find out the conversion, call the pharmacist. It won't kill you but, you can get sick from it.

    Source(s): Former MedLab technologist supervisor (retired)
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    no you will be fine with just that amount

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