If i coin a new word, where do i register it as my property?

I keep on coining new words, but i don't know how to promote these words nor do i know how to ensure that the credit goes to me as the person who coined it.

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    Most literary or poetic copyrights go through the Library Of Congress, as they control the written and published word and copyrights for all literary aspects of writing and wording, as well as the copyrights for all material, blue prints, inventions and ideas. The Library at Oxford is a good place to start, sure, but the real place that needs to be consulted so the word(s) can be patented or copyrighted is at the Congressional Library in Washington D.C.

    Although, in less than 2 years even if you do manage to get a copyright on a word you thought up, the fact that you would assume you would get credit or financial compensation even for its use is preposterous, in fact within the 5 years that follows most people will forget who you are altogether and the word may even stop being used.

    Cool Beans, as my ex coined some 20 years ago, but that was a stupid word and I wish it hadn't been thought of.

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    Coining New Words

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    Well, if you do not want someone to steal your work then you need to patent the word. Visit a patent office, they will research if this thing has been patented or not, if it hasn't then you can patented. I would suggest Googling a patent office near you. Home this helps.

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    Patent a word? What is wrong with you? I come up with new words all the time, some catch on with my friends some don't. Get over yourself.

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    You have to email the oxford dictionary

    for it to be accepted takes alot

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