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Canada border services agency? I am a refugee in Canada and i applied for the PRRA(pre-removal risk assessment) about 6 months ago and my Humanitarian and Compassionate appeal was also active. Last week each person in my family got a letter from the CBSA saying that our decicion on the appeals is made and they called us for an interview on nov 9 and told us to bring documents like SIN card, health card, 4 pictures and other documents. My question is: Do CBSA only deport people, or do they also give out positive decisions? I am very very very scared right now. I dont want to get deported:'(:'(:'( my life will be ruined:'(:'(

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    The clue is the request for " 4 photos ".

    Those will be attached to your new identity cards. You are being approved.

    If you were going to be deported, why would they ask for photos ?


    And , after you get your approval to stay in Canada, get down and kiss the ground, and be thank full that we are letting you get a new start, in our country. Everyday when you wake up, thank Canada, for this opportunity to make a new life, in a safe, peace full country, for your self.

    Jim B. Toronto.

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