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How do I figure out which WR will be covered by which CB?

For example, this week I have Santonio Holmes going against Denver. If the plan is to have Champ Bailey cover Ward, then I'll play Holmes, but if Bailey covers Holmes, I will probably bench him in favor of Housh. I guess this is "game-planning" and not that easy to come by, but does somebody have a site that is really good at this kind of "insider" info??

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    Well normaly you can check depth charts as the #1 WR is marked by the #1 CB, since Holmes is a #2 WR and since Bailey is a #1 CB Bailey will be marking Ward, so you should play Holmes, but then the Broncos D is good and also have Brian Dawkins as Safety, so you probly should play Housh, also Holmes hasn't been playing to good

    Good Luck with the Season :)

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