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Four/five police cars, two fire trucks, no ambulances: What's going on down the street?!?

So, I live in a fairly quiet and very safe suburban neighborhood, minimal drama...

Tonight, however, I see about four or five police cars and two fire trucks blocking the street a little ways down. No ambulances. No fire or smoke is visible, but there are tons of flashing lights. (No sirens blaring, though.)

My question is, what sort of emergency situations would require the presence of THAT many police cars and fire trucks? There's no other block-off, so it's presumed a hostage situation is out of the question. No fire, no death (to my knowledge) or injury due to lack of ambulances present...

Any ideas? I mean, that's a LOT of police, and TWO fire trucks?

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    Two fire trucks is nothing. In my town, a general alarm (possible structure fire, or even an oven fire) will get you two engines, a rescue unit, and a command vehicle. In addition, since we are a volunteer department, the two nearest departments will start rolling automatically, until they are called off.

    Four or five police cars indicates boredom on the part of the police department.

    Source(s): 32 years as a volunteer firefighter.
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    Well, whatever it is, its bad. Whatever it is has me stumped. If whatever that was happened where I live, all someone would see is one local and a bunch of either sheriff or state police and one fire truck, possible two. And the ambulance is almost always there.

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    Maybe a gas leak

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    5 police cars this is a serious situation call 911 and ask whats happening or something.

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    maybe a leaky gas line?

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    you need to get out of that area right now. you are screwed.

    Source(s): nice knowin ya
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    Meth lab!

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    it is the will of God...

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