Didn't show for first two days of work and wonder if I still have a shot at working there?

I'm a young stay home mom, and have been looking for a job that met my requirements for wage and hours for months. My husband is leaving for basic training in the Army in two weeks and I'd really like to have a job for the extra money and to have something to do while he's gone. I got a job as a nursing home activities assistant, and was very excited about it. The morning I was supposed to start the job, I woke up and had a voicemail from another employer who wanted an interview with me for a higher paying job. I went for the interview instead of going to my first day of work, and unfortunately did not end up getting hired at the job I interviewed for. Now I am very upset and wish I had just gone to my first day of work at the first job. I was supposed to start on Monday and was wondering if maybe I should call tomorrow morning (Wednesday) to explain what happened, apologize and see if they would still let me begin working there.

Please no negativity, I understand what I did was not the smartest thing which is why I am seeking help.

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    You could try to apologize but most likely it wont do much good. When the first company hired you they expected you to show up as promised but you didn't, so you may want to keep looking elsewhere.best of luck

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    You've already shown them that you aren't reliable, so if I were you I'd call them and apologize for not being there to start work, and give them the opportunity to give you a second chance. I don't believe you should tell them why you weren't at work unless they press the issue. They will likely just go to the next person on their list of potential new hires and not worry about you working for them. I hope this has taught you a lesson about taking every job seriously. You'll likely be starting over from square one again to look for a job. Good luck!

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    All you can do is ring them and tell the truth. At least they will respect you for that.

    If they are really desperate for staff, they may find it in their hearts to give you a go, but you couldn't blame them for giving you the flick.

    If by some chance you get the job again, repay their mercy by being a loyal and hard working employee.

  • 1 decade ago

    You should have at least called doubt if it will help it has been 2 days since you were suppose to start.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Doesn't hurt to try and call them but don't tell them that you went to an interview,,,tell them everything got hectic with your husband going off to boot camp and you hoestly forgot all about it and sound like you might cry and apologize numerous times

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    Call them and hope they'll take you back. You might be put on probation or something.

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