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How long of a flight would you say it would be from Afghanistan to Kazakhstan?

My boyfriend is in the army and he's traveling to another base, so I just was curious. Someone know a good estimate? Please don't just throw random numbers out there, i'm serious about this.

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    Kazakhstan is huge, and Afghanistan is pretty big as well. So we should really be more specific for accuracy. Between Kabul, Afghanistan and Shymkent, Kazakhstan there are about 600 miles (1000 km), so at the average speed of an airplane at 245 m/s there would be a flight time of just over an hour. However, between Kandahar, Afghanistan and Semey, Kazakhstan there are 1500 miles (2400 km) and the flight would take close to three hours. That being said, there are no American or NATO bases in Kazakhstan. So you may be talking about the Manas airbase in the neighboring country of Kyrgyzstan. The Manas base is leased to the United States and is located across the border from Shymkent, Kazakhstan.

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