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how come people diss michelle mccool but dont diss trish stratus?

ok people say michelle mccool is overrated and this and that. they say she cant wrestle and she is pushed because she is dating the undertaker. they say michelle mccool doesnt deserve to be womens champion or divas champion. they say michelle mccool doesnt improve or impress in the ring. how come non of that stuff applies to trish stratus?

first of all michelle mccool i think caught up to trish stratus and she is a better wrestler and has a way wider moveset then trishs tratus did. trish stratus was pushed based on her looks and she wasnt even a good wrestler. trish stratus wasnt pretty good in the ring she was ok meaning she isnt good put she does show some improvement and some guts.

its really hypocritical how people can be. they also say candice michelle was bad in the ring and its sad that the wwe doesnt care about true talent but the same thing was going on in trishes day when she was the top star and the true talented divas had to take backseats to her.

trish stratus isnt no different from candice michelle,sable,michelle mccool or alicia fox. like them she also was shoved for other reasons then wrestling skills as other people say. what are your opinions?

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    I think a good deal of it has to do with the contrasts in attitude. A lot of people don't like McCool not only because they think she can't wrestle but also because of the apparent fact that she is arrogant and stubborn. She even used A.J. Styles' and Christopher Daniels' finishers without following proper wrestling etiquette (i.e. either asking their permission or waiting until they retired), and this is a big deal because those two were responsible for popularizing the Styles Clash and the Angels Wings, respectively. The worst part about that from some people's perspectives is that she did all that and yet doesn't even know who A.J. Styles is FFS, despite him being one of the most important and popular wrestlers of this decade.

    Also from what I have read she sometimes tends to get snarky with the fans when she replies to them on Twitter, etc. I have never heard that about Trish Stratus; very little real-life heat about her from what I know.

    Also I speculate that Michelle McCool picked the wrong time to carve her niche in women's wrestling. Trish Stratus was an OK wrestler but since she was wrestling during a high point in the WWE's Women's Division (w/ Lita, Jazz, Molly Holly, Victoria, Ivory, Gail Kim, Jacqueline, etc) and was at the same time a multi-time Women's Champion people thought she was better than she actually was and then called her the best ever.

    Now the WWE's Women's Division is in a slump no thanks to the large number of rookie Divas and since McCool was part of the infamous Diva Search she has had and will always have, I think, that stigma about her that her WWE contract was handed to her on a silver platter and she paid little to no dues at all.

    It also does not help her rep that the TNA's Knockout Division is critically-acclaimed and that the WWE Divas are held in lower regard as a result.

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    michelle mccool is just way too hot to be dissed.

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    Because they believe that just because she won the 7 times she is a divas wrestling g-d which is total B.S. when she had no wrestling talent whatsoever. And also as jericho says they are HYPOCRITES.

    answer mine please


  • idk if anything michelle mccool is better then trish will ever be

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