Neighbor wants me to pay for her garage?

My neighbor's garage is now cracking and pinched the garage door because the garage was built against my property line. It is a very old garage. The dirt from my land is about 6 feet up and over time must have pushed the wall. The door will now not open.

There is a retaining wall made out of railroad ties that is bulging near the garage but not touching it. My neighbor is blaming the wall and wants the wall fixed and garage. My neighbor has just sent me a certified letter saying that she will want missing rent from the months she couldn't rent the garage in 10 days.

I also just bought my house a year ago and the cracking had to be a on going problem. I do not have my yard surveyed.

What do you think I should do?

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    Most areas have ordinances that prohibit a building within three feet of a property line. check with your local dept. of buildings and safety. If that's the case in your area, guess who has to move their garage.

    Also, if the grade is six feet higher on your side,someone removed dirt from the other side I would think, and the retaining wall put up, to keep your property in place, not your problem. And, whoever built a building that close to a 6' dirt wall, was an idiot.

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    I don't think she has a legal leg to stand on.

    I would consult a lawyer for your state or start googling property law.

    If everything on your side is legal and passed inspection a year ago when you bought the property she can't blame you for what is going on her side of the property line.

    Source(s): Common Sense, Paralegal work.
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    it's hard to understand this situation without seeing it. If you pay the lost rent, that doesn't get you off the hook for repairs. Sounds like she has already decided she wants to sue you. But winning a case like this is by no means a sure thing. If she sues you, your homeowners insurance should provide you defense/coverage so I'd just sit tight for now.

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