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Jonny Flynn, Jason Richardson, and Josh Howard for Chris Paul and Yi JIanlian?

someone offered me Chris Paul and Yi Jianlian for Flynn, J Richardson, and Josh Howard. This is a 18 team league. Here is my current roster.

Devin Harris

Jason Richardson

Jonny Flynn

Ronnie Brewer

Anderson Varejao

Channing Frye

Andrew Bogut

Terrence Williams

Larry Hughes

Al Jefferson

Andrea Bargnani

Josh Howard

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    I say no

    Flynn is doing alright for his first year

    J Rich is gonna start doing good again

    And Josh Howard is coming back from injury soon but I expect him to do alright maybe ( 16ppg 4ast 5 rebs)

    Chris Paul is good but hes wanting too much and I dont know how long Yi Is out for

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    send me a link to your team and I'll give you a lot of advice im 1st and 2nd in my leauges. I would not take it. yi is hurt.ID give up flynn and richardson for just paul and yi then drop yi and pick up some 1 else like gasol send me a link of your team

  • wintle
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    3 years ago

    it fairly is particularly annoying by using fact the two are large protective gamers and protection wins championships. on the grounds that i'm basing this on protection i could pass with Chris Paul. CP3 is sturdy at steals which usually finally end up as a supply up and a bucket on the different end. Superman is sturdy at blocks which supply up the shot yet is going out of bounds or is a objective tend. So i pass with CP3.

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