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Hey McD employees, do the Canada or US McD Monopoly winning pieces...?

Hey McD Employees, do the Canadian (or American) McD Monopoly winning pieces have any special properties to them

I got a coffee today at McD's and it still had Monopoly pieces on the side. When I peeled them off the coffee cup the pink printing in the background faded when I put my fingers on it then reappeared when the cool air replaced my hot thumb. Like those Polly Pocket or Hot Wheels toys that changed colours in hot or cold water.

Does that mean it's a winning piece? I tried doing the same print there print gone print back again with other game pieces but they didn't do that. Does that make them somehow special or winners? Or does that have something to do with them being stuck to a hot coffee cup (like when a debit/credit receipt goes black when touched by something warm).


I'm not making this up. Sounds crazy to me to anyways.

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    McD winning pieces have hologrammed M's on them so that ppl can counterfeit them and upon redemption they know they are genuine.

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    Yeah there's holographic Ms but nothing color changing. sorry

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