Hey Guys: Is RAIDER PUBLISHING a scam, or not?

Hey-So raider publishing wants $2000 to publish your book, they'll give you 51% of the royalties, 61% if you pay 3,000, (There's a $800 option), problem with that is that the book does not have consideration for major book stores, which is somehow the main goal here, now look: This company was founded by an author. This changes things for me, because I think to myself, an author is a good sign, he founded this company because of the rejection lots of writers receive, but I know people say be careful when other people ask for money-

What do you think? It was founded in 2005, called raider publishing.

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    1 decade ago
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    If this is where you want to spend your money then go with them. It's your choice. I answered your other question about this company in detail so I won't bore you with all the specifics again.

    The thing about "authors" being turned down and then starting their own publishing company presents a few issues. 1) What experience do they have in publishing. Most likely none. How will someone without publishing experience or connections in the industry help you as an author? They won't. Being badly published is worse than not being published. It's unlikely the person running this business knows anything about publishing and how to handle it's author careers. I'm an aspiring author, too, and there's no way I'd risk putting my career in this person's hands. Being an "author" or a wannabe author who's been turned down does not correlate to publishing experience. THey don't know how to run a legitimate publishing company that benefits it's authors, but it does know how to take its author's money. This leads to my second point.

    2) A writer whose work is turned down and then decides to start a publishing business without any experience is a red flag in and of itself. What makes you think this person is a good judge of quality, publishable work? Most people who writes a novel ends up writing crap. Sorry to be so blunt, but that's why they get turned down. It's those who are oblivious that their work is crap that proceed to try to get it published by any means necessary, in this case, by starting their own "publishing" company. The reason his work was rejected in the first place was because it was unpublishable crap. Why do you think he'll have good judgment about the quality of other author's work when he can't even recognize when his own work is crap? I highly doubt he's in it to help writers get published; it seems like he sees a bunch of desperate people who are willing to do anything to have their books published, whether or not it's a quality product. He sees the financial incentive. Otherwise, why wouldn't he financially back his authors if he felt their work was good enough to publish instead of having his authors pay to play? His actions are contrary to what he states on his site about wanting to help authors get published. You're missing the point about the person who started this business. People like him and you are getting rejected because there are flaws with your novels, nothing more, nothing less.

    Why isn't your work commercially viable? Why do you want to be published to the point that you're willing to go with the worst type of business in publishing - a vanity press? Why hasn't a commercial publishing house bought your work? Chances are it's not as good as you think it is. Harsh, I know, but you'll be wasting your money trying to get published when you're not going to recoup any of it. The only person getting richer is the "author" who owns this business. I don't think you answered any of the questions I asked in my post to your other question about Raider. Are you going to buy all your books just so you can recoup your investment? Do you know how much money you'll end up paying in the end? How many people, besides family and friends, do you think are going to buy your book? You're going to be out of $10,000 before you know it and all you're going to have is a low-quality book with lots of flaws that no reasonable person would want to buy. What are your goals for being published and how do you think Raider will help you achieve them?

    If you want to go with Raider then go with them. No one's stopping you and it's your money. I'm an aspiring author, too, but I'm not where near desperate enough to put my name on a low-quality book nor am I willing to part with my hard-earned money that I know I'll never get back. I'm also not willing to put my career in the hands of an amateur who couldn't get his own book commercially published because it wasn't good enough.

    The reason you're asking this question again is because you want someone to tell you this is a good company. No one's standing in your way. You're not spending my money or wasting my time so I don't care what you do with your book. I'm definitely not going to read it because I don't read low quality books, which is what 99% of all self-published and vanity published books are and is the reason why they have a bad reputation in publishing. Did you even read the link I gave you in my last post to the forum where Raider is discussed by authors and other writers?

    Source(s): If you want to self-publish then a true self-publisher like lulu.com will be MUCH cheaper. You can pay to have a freelance graphic designer design your cover, you come up with the format and font-size of your text, you pay someone to professionally edit your work and you pay the printing cost. You also pay to copyright it and for the ISBN so it can be sold in bookstores and online at places like Amazon.com. You keep 100% of the profits and its still cheaper than going with a vanity who's charging you much more than it costs to produce the book. But, again, no one is standing in the way of you and this publisher. If this is how yo want to spend your money then do it. Some people report to be happy after publishing with a vanity press, maybe you'll be one of them. It's considered a scam, not because it's illegal to charge money for these services, but because they usually deceive writers about the quality of work they produce and because no legitimate publisher will charge authors to publish. Good luck, either way.
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    4 years ago

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    Hey Guys: Is RAIDER PUBLISHING a scam, or not?

    Hey-So raider publishing wants $2000 to publish your book, they'll give you 51% of the royalties, 61% if you pay 3,000, (There's a $800 option), problem with that is that the book does not have consideration for major book stores, which is somehow the main goal here, now look: This company...

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    1 decade ago

    I don't know Raider Publishing specifically but it sounds like any vanity press. That is a publisher who will print your book if you cover the cost. The upfront fees will pay for the whole thing. Most do not do much in the way of advertising but leave that up to the author. I would see it as a last chance if your agent hasn't been able to place your work.

    Good Luck.

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    It's not a scam, but it is a business. As a business they are out to make money, and they are going to do that by taking yours, rather than selling your book. Anybody who wants money to publish your book is a vanity press. You are better off with a diy print-on-demand, selling it through amazon and similar venues. But if you're going to do that then please, PLEASE get it professionally edited first, so that p.o.d. doesn't continue to have such a bad name!

    Source(s): I'm a several-times-published author (by several big houses in several big countries) but I also have an interest in busting the hold the conglomerates have on publishing. I own a small publishing company myself and hand-make some of my own multi-media books as an antidote to the cookie-cutter book world. Good luck! ;-)
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