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Timothy L asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Marion Barber, Steve Smith (Car) OR Michael Crabtree- Pick One.?

Point Per Reception League

I need to pick a flex player for this week.

Marion Barber @ Philly- blitz happy defense, looked good even with thumb and quad injury, and always gets a few catches good for ppr

Steve Smith (Car) @ N.O.- Delhomme is beat up, Matt Moore would be throwing to him, which is awful, but it's still Steve Smith

Michael Crabtree vs. Tenn- defense sucks, Alex Smith is already beginning to look for him as a number one target guy, besides Davis, but rookie is always a gamble

Thanks in advance. God bless.

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    Marion Barber: Barber is a quality start this week against a blitz-oriented Philly D. Expect Philly to be exposed on a couple of screen passes to Barber. Don't expect Dallas to fall down early as NY did last week, allowing them to stick with the run. However, Felix Jones and Choice will certaintly be involved in the mix, but expect the goal line carries to still go to Barber. Romo may struggle to find his favorite target in Austin Miles with Asante Samuel blanketing him this week. Dallas should get back to basics, with Barber and Witten this week.

    Prediction: 21 carries, 87 yards, TD. 4 catches, 51 yards.

    If Matt Moore plays this week, don't expect much from Smith. NO defense will absolutely torcher Moore if he starts, and don't look for him to throw more than 120 yards, meaning slim opportunities for Smith. If Delhomme plays, you can definitely consider Smith as a solid play this week against a decent corner in Greene (who Roddy White torched yesterday). If Delhomme can go this week, and the running game can produce similar numbers to last week, expect Smith to have a big game. Carolina will try to keep Brees and Co. off the field with their run game, but sooner or later, they are going to be down early, and will be forced to air it out, meaning several opporutnities for Smith. After two solid weeks, Smith is back. (Don't you hate when people start saying the NYG Steve Smith is the real Smith. Shut the hell up, honestly. What Morons).

    Prediction (with Delhomme): 6 catches, 135 yards, TD. 1 rush, 17 yards.

    Prediction (without Delhomme): 5 catches, 81 yards.

    Michael Crabtree: Crabtree is a good pick up. I picked him up this week. Tennesee is coming off their first win of the series, and players in the secondary are starting to get healthy. Finally, expect starting CBs Finnegan and Nick Harper to be healthy this week and ready to go. Tenn is going to have a ton of adrennaline coming off that win last week. However, expect Tenn to focus most of their attention on Gore and Vernon Davis this week, giving Crabtree some opportunities.

    Prediction: 6 catches, 91 yards.

    I would definitely start Barber this week. He will see numerous opportunities in the pass and run game this week, and look for a score for sure. Steve Smith is also a strong play if Delhomme can go. Check his status throughout the week. If he's healthy, I may go with Smith over Barber, simply because he's Carolina's main threat with Deangello, and expect Car to go down early and air it out. May also see some deep balls in play action and 1-1 coverage against the inferior CB Greene.

    Good luck. Hook it up with the points hommie

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  • 1 decade ago

    Barber has been tough this year. Smith will be double covered and Saints D is looking pretty good. Crabtree is a rookie, Tennesee pass D has been pretty horrible. I think Crabtree has the most potential for upside, but I would hesitate to not go with Barber. If I were to rank them I would put Barber, Crabtree and then Smith. Although I couldn't blame you for playing Crabtree.

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