Can you help with Russian?

In my russian class today, we briefly learned about how to say "someone's thing", like "Sergei's Cat"

The problem is, my teacher is not very good, and didn't give me time to take good notes. I know how to use genetive case and say "The cat of sergei", but I want to know how to fluently say "My dad's ____" or anything belonging to anyone. Can you help by giving the Masculine, feminine, neuter, and plural forms of nouns belonging to a male and female name as well as some irregulars?

what i know now is

"папина машина"

"папино окно"

"папины машины"

But how do you do the masculine one? since Papa is irregular?

Pleassseee help! many examples, please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you would use (in english letters) "papin kot" = dad's cat

    papin stol- dad's table

    papino mesto- dad's spot/place

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  • 1 decade ago

    This is an unusual way of saying it - it's really colloquial and you can't apply it universally. It's used in a lot of expressions, for example:

    сукин сын -son of a *****

    бабье лето - lit. Woman's summer, meaning "Indian summer"

    крысина задница - a rat's ***

    собачья жизнь - a dog's life

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