What are your favorite recipes for meats and side dishes?

I need some fresh ideas!

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    Roast beef with mashed potatos and mixed vegetables

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    Our favourite is beef stew.

    It is not a lot of preparation but you need a long time to simmer the beef. It is a 2 day plan.

    Day 1:

    Buy some good beef, like braising steak or stewing steak.

    Put this in a dish with 2 to 3 cups of red wine, garlic, pepper corns and gloves.

    Leave this for about 2 hrs.

    Add beef stock and an onion.

    Put this in the fridge overnight to give the meat the chance to soak up the flavours.

    Day 2:

    For the best result the meat needs to simmer for about 7 hrs. You can ignore the meat for most of the time, apart from every now and then a stir and check on the liquid levels.

    The reason for simmiring so long is that the beef gets so tender it nearly falls apart, which is how you want it!

    Heat some oil in a pan and briefly put the pieces of meat in them so they get a little brown.

    Remove all the meat and glace a fresh chopped onion with some garlic.

    Add the beef, the liquid in which you have put it overnight and, if the meat is not completely covered with liquid, more stock.

    Leave this to simmer for several hours. Stir every now and then (once an hour is enough)

    About an hour before serving, add some tomato puree.

    Serving suggestions:

    red or brown rice

    new potatoes (steamed is the nicest, with the skin on for the nutrition)

    steamed broccoli or any green vegetables you like

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    This is my favorite side dish of all time. The only thing is you dont want a whole lot competing with it so the meat would have to be kinda plain like a roast or baked chicken.

    Dirty Rice

    1 can french onion soup

    1 can beef consomme

    1 1/2 cups uncooked white rice

    2 small cans mushrooms ( 1 drained, 1 undrained)

    1 small onion sliced

    3/4 to 1 stick of butter( try either one and see which one suits you)

    salt to taste

    Melt butter in a 4 quart dutch oven. Put all ingredients in at one time. Stir. Bake for 45 min. at 350. Let sit for 10 min.

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    I use charcoal only so I prefer to do a meal using marinaded chicken in Zesty Italian salad dressing. I heat up the coals and then seperate them to each side, placing a pan of water in the center. Place the marinaded chicken above the water pan (also add hickory chips to the water). Close the lid and let it cook. Just before it is done I add vegetables over the coals (bell pepper, portabello mushrooms, etc.) On the side I serve a pasta dish (whichever you like).

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    Here are some Hawaiian Appetizer and Main Dish recipes that are yummy!



    Source(s): Your Gourmet Hawaiian Products Company http://shop.kapotrading.com
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    I have a few suggestions...

    As main dishes, my favorites are:

    Pasta alla carbonara


    Pasta with frankfurters


    Traditional Lasagna


    and Pizzaiola Frankfurters


    As sidedish you may want to try a Peperonata


    or Zucchini Boats


    Source(s): www.happystove.com
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    Yang Chow [ chinese fried rice ] and barbecued pork loin[roasted] with buttered con and carrots as side dish

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