Autism question...Any help please.?

My son is almost 3 and i really beleive that he has autism.He has gone to a developmental pediatrician and he wanted to see him again in 3 months after increasing his early intervention therapies which we have done but he did say he is on the spectrum for autism.He has been in early intevention services for almost a year in a few months.He has soo many signs but non are physical,they are all mental and im wondering if they will just give him meds or are they going to try to keep helping him trhough these therapies because they are just not helping at all and he has speech and occupational therapy.He also goes to this developmental preschool class that is 3x a week and in jan he will be going to a differnt one that is really like the same thing though and that will be 5x a week all day long.I dont know what to do anymore.He is so difficult to handle and it has really taken a toll on my husband and I.We just dont know waht to do anymore..Will they give him meds for this? I dont like the idea of my son being on meds but i dont think we have any other choice.He has recently just started chewing on his toys and stuff too.What is this all about? He has a full set of teeth and hasnt chewed on anything since he cut his molars which was at least 6 months ago.


This is a question about a child who cant just take all random things.

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    Ok so he is on the autistic spectrum which can be PDD.NOS (atypical autism), or autistic disorder, asperger's too but generally docs won't make that call with a speech delay however I like many believe that the difference between HFA (high functioning autism) and asperger's is the thought process rather than speech or delayed speech. Although the DSM doesn't recognize asperger's with speech delay it exists and certain neuro's will call it. Most just say PDD (any autistic spectrum disorder).

    I am autistic and a psych nurse. Married, 3 sons. Dx 1975 at age 3. Later I heard asperger's sometimes (1988 first time dx asperger's).

    I have 2 sons dx on the spectrum riding with PDD.NOS at this age. My oldest, I feared he'd never talk. We were told he was moderately autistic at 25 months old. He first began talking at age 4 after 2 years of speech therapy with next to no results. Now he talks your ear off and has been since age 6. My middle son dx PDD.NOS and then recently when he turned 4 autistic disorder did not begin talking til 3.5 yrs. He speaks in phrases now.

    It sounds like the issue is SPD. Sensory processing disorder. You need a good OT to address the sensory needs.

    Suggest reading up on sensory processing.

    get this for his oral sensory seeking

    Are you doing wilbarger brushing protocol?

    If he's having lots of meltdowns-and it sounds like it, this really really works.

    pricey but he probably needs it size medium if he's an average size about 32 lbs and 38"

    for wilbarger brushing

    get an electric toothbrush for oral input to feed that seeking need

    What's it all about? Same as why people smoke, put pen caps in their mouth etc sensory integration dysfunction

    There are no meds per se for autism, there are meds for some symptoms that are common in autism like anxiety, inattention etc.

    My middle son had several meltdowns a day, after 2 weeks of wilbarger brushing, they were just 1x/wk. He had to be brushed about 6x/day in the beginning. But meltdown's went from 45min-1hr to 25-30min and only once a week. After 6 months the meltdowns now happen on rare occasion but we stopped brushing after 6 months will do as needed now.

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    If your child does have autism, here are some ideas:

    My friend's son has autism and uses The Sonrise Program. It is fantastic. He has made huge leaps in his social skills, toileting, any hitting out, everything. There are great video testimonials online which might give you an idea if this program is for you.

    She also put him on a gluten free diet for two weeks and his headbanging stopped completeley and emotional outbursts decreased. There is a theory that children with autism have 'leaky gut' syndrome and that the gluten passes through their gut and goes straight to their brain, acting as a drug and affecting their behaviour. I would highly recommend you buy a book on gluten-free eating.

    There is a book called "What you can do right now to help your child with autism" by Joanthan Levy - this is a great book.

    "Kyle Treehouse" is for parents who want to talk to other parents about all the different options there are available for their child with autism.

    Here is an inspiring video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    There are many great great programs out there, so the parents can choose what suits them.

    Best wishes.

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    speak to your gp about your proims with your son! it sound to me that it a waing around game,

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    I used to have Autism I cured it by taking Enzymes. You can ask for them at a herb store.

    Source(s): I had really bad Autism
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