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Does this mean he likes me ? 10 easy points! HELP MEEEEEE I BEG OF YOU!!!?

Im really sorry this is so long but you have to know a few things so you understand better.Thank you so much for listening to me ramble on and on about the boy I grew up with ^^.Alright this boy we'll call Chris lived across the street from me as long as I can imagine.We've been friend for about eight years or more. But year ago, due to family matters, he moved away.At first I just felt lonely and confused mainly just cuz "Why didnt he say goodbye?"Anyway but last summer I realized, after thinking hard and seriously about it, I am completely head over heels for him.That night i cried for a long time and vowed I would tell him how I feel before he went to highschool.No it's his last year in middle school and my secound to last year.nyway he said hi a couple times and I always blush.But the Friday before Halloween there was a dance at my school.Me and my best friend ever went.I was really suprised when I saw him I ran before he saw me. My friend laughed XD.Anyway, I was talking to her when suddenly he appears from behind me to greet me like a friend. After he left I couldnt breathe but my other friends showed up. My hyper friend whom didnt know I loed him, and the well known outcast whom is actually a really kind person.Anyway, we were dancing randomly when he comes up and jokingly shows off before leaving. The way I blushed made my hyper friend find out easily.Later I see her run off for 5 minuetes. After I see him walk towards the rest of my friends and I. He told me my hyper friend said I needed to alk to him. I denied it so he shrugged and walked away. I felt like he knew I liked him and hid for hile. But my hyper friend apologized so I forgave her. Afterwards he kept comming up to say random things. Since my hyper friend had to leave soon, we danced to fast songs when during almost everysong Chris would join in with us. (He barely knows my hyper friend). My friend smirked and left us to dance awhile. I was tired so afterwards I wandered off to find my friends. The outcast friend left for a bit and when she returned she said she asked him if he liked me. She said he said He didnt care. I know most boys would say hell no so why did he say that? I'm not drop dead gorgeous or butt ugly so wtf happened? And i was like that on off durring most of the dance. He kept comming up to us and my hyper friend told me his eyes were on me but I dont know anymore. So at the end when I had to leave I said goodbye but it looked as if he didnt hear me so I shrugged and left. Today, the day after the dance I barely aw him and so Im just wondering does he like me?I mean Im really confused does he like?

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    Talk with him yourself Kara.

    You need to learn to stand on your own.

    What is he going to do, bite you ?

    you won't really know until you talk to him yourself.

    Just Do It.

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    He likes you, but I think he feels awkward around you because you were neighbors and friends for so long before he moved away and now seeing you at the dance and being put on the spot by your outcast friend who spilled the beans that you liked him. Try to get his number or FB account and call him, e-mail him or text him. Good luck.

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    Well that was a weird answer for him to say i don't care, hw about YOU ask him so you can know for sure what he is thinking because we don't know what he is thinking and what is going through his head and stuff. I think you should work up the courage talk to him and while talking to him say hey listen i wanted to ask you something, i was going to ask you at the dance but i was really shy so i said that i didn't but i just wanted to know if you like me? and see what he says. Hey it doesn't hurt to try right ?

  • That is a pretty confusing situation. Saying "I don't care" did not answer the questions at all. Well what you can do is ask him to hang out a bit and see how he reacts to it. Or you can simply ask if he likes you or not. Is he usually a shy type of guy?

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    I would say no, more so because you should have went and talked with him yourself instead of sending your hyper friend all the time. He probably thinks your friend likes him or something. You need to be brave and go after him yourself!

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    Um, that iss confusinggg, anywaysss

    I think he likes you but is afraid to admit ittt. You should continue talking to him and whenever you have the chance give him a hug or something to show him you like him.

    :) sorryy I'm not a big help butttt.. I think he likes you.

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    Paragraphs make things easier to read you know?

    on to the all sounds *really* immature (I dont know US school systems, so I dunno where middle school stands agewise) but just talk to yourself - you grew up with the kid - you should know how to be around him.

    Then see what happens from there

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    really hard to say based on your description. if i had to guess, i'd say "no," but it's really hard to say. anything is possible. good luck to you! if you want my advice, i'd say just have a real heart to heart talk with him, and be bold enough to still be okay with it, even if he doesn't have mutual feelings for you.

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    It sounds like he just might like u..

    Mine Anyone??:

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