10 POINTS QUESTION: What's your take on the below article ladies? Would you trample a man to death?

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Here is an excerpt from a really strange article I hit upon yesterday. Take a look....it's really nasty and let me know what you think There have also been some peculiar forms ...show more
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Wow, I haven't heard of that. But honestly, criminals have no honor these days, so they won't feel humiliated. But definitely will feel the pain. Some people deserve that.

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  • Mrs.Brown answered 5 years ago
    It's brutal, painful and soul destroying.........just like my rape was.
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  • Slim Shady answered 5 years ago
    I would if i could to a person who deserved it, but i don't like bringing pain to others..slowly.. i would much rather shoot some one, it would be easier to watch!
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  • ♥Tabi♥ answered 5 years ago
    i wouldn't personally perform this method but if there was a serial rapist or killer than suree they deserve it!
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