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麻煩英文大大翻譯 Hello Vian, this is


我想回他 "這是肯定的 我想我會更努力的將英文練好 也真的需要多花些時間練習

也謝謝那天你願意聽我說話.......真的謝謝你 :)

Hello Vian, this is Sammy, Bruce's dad. Hope you can read this. You must practice English so we can talk? or maybe I can practice Chinese?? Stay happy.

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    Hello Sammy! Thanks for your message. I definitely will work on my English and I do need more time to practice. I'd also like to thank you for listening that day. I really appreciated it!


    Hello Sammy! 謝謝你的留言!我絕對會努力學英文,也的確需要更多時間練習。同時也要謝謝你那天的傾聽,我真的很感激!

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    It is for sure. I think I will study harder to better English, and truly need to spend more time practicing. Thank you for listening that day, and it is very nice of you.

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