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急(15點)簡單英文單字會話 英文高手煩請

我要用以下片語或單字組成兩人的對話,下列單字必須用到10~15左右,也是就對話句子中要有下列單字才可以,對話盡量不要太難,越多越好拜託各位 :

take a walk散步 play basketball打籃球 wait for a bus 等公車

do homework做功課 do something dangerous做些危險事 win a prize贏一個獎

visit a special place參觀一個特別地方 meet someone famous遇到某個名人

get married 結婚 miss a class錯過一個班次 study for a tast 讀書為了一個測驗

take a test參加測驗 ask questions問問題 take notes做筆記 fail a test測驗失敗

generous大方的 hardworking 勤勞 kind和藹親切 funny有趣的serious嚴肅shy害羞

smart聰明 talented有天份的 talkative多嘴的 silly迷糊的 lazy懶惰 brave勇敢

friendly友善的 play on a team參加或打球隊 go camping露營

collect things收集東西 go rock climbing攀爬岩石 get on the subway搭地鐵

get off a bus下公車 feed a pet餵寵物 visit a friend拜訪一位朋友 clean one"s room



希望能配上中文翻譯 感恩@@"

Update 2:

回 有辦法在多增加幾句嗎 因為好像要說1.2分鐘的樣子

Update 3:

5.6句即可 補充完就把最佳解答給你 感謝你囉

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    A: Do you want to talk a walk?

    B: No, thanks. I prefer to play basketball.

    A: I am not talented in playing basketball and I hate to wait for the bus to reach there.

    B: But I also need to do homework and study for the English test tomorrow.

    A: Last-minute study does not help! You should take notes during lessons or ask Ms Chen questions that you do not know.

    B: Hardworking just dont match me.

    A: Seriously, you should stop being so lazy.

    B: You can say that you are not talented in playing basketball, why cant I say that I am not talented of being hardworking. HAHA

    A: Not funny! You are quick and smart but also silly in terms of your action.

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    A: 你想出去散步嗎

    B: 不, 謝了, 我比較喜歡打籃球

    A: 我對打籃球沒天分 而且我討厭去那裡時還要等車

    B: 但我還是要做功課還有讀書為了(準備)明天的英文測驗

    A: 最後一刻才讀書沒用! 你應該上課時就該做筆記或問Ms Chen你不懂的問題

    B: 用功就是配不上我

    A: 說真的, 你不該再那麼懶惰了

    B: 你可以說你對打籃球沒天份, 為什麼我不能說我對用功也沒天份呢? 哈哈!

    A: 不好笑! 你反應快也很聰明但以你的行為來講你也很笨!

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    2009-11-06 20:45:47 補充:

    B: Okay! Okay! Relax! I am just joking! So what are you going to do now?

    A: I am going to visit Aunt Jane. She is sicked. Mum ask me to give her these flowers and to feed her pet also.

    B: Oh that is sad. I only think I am blessed to study this time and I finally know whats "talk a walk" mean by you!

    2009-11-06 20:45:54 補充:

    A: Right... bye.

    B: Bye and good luck! You look like as if you are going to propose to someone! HAHA!

    2009-11-06 20:46:03 補充:

    B: 好啦好啦! 冷靜點! 我只是在開玩笑而已. 所以你現在要幹嘛呢?

    A: 我現在要去拜訪Jane阿姨。 她生病了。 媽媽要我去給她這些花還有去幫她喂寵物也是。

    B: 喔 真可憐。 我只有在現在才認為要讀書的我是被保佑的。 而且我現在終於知道你"出去走走"的意思了

    A: 正是 .. 掰

    B: 掰~ 祝你好運! 你看起來像是你要去求婚的! 哈哈!

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