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what is the somalia war? please answer, best answer!?






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    Hi... Subra.

    I do not know really, what you mean “Somalia war” for the reason that Somalia experienced more wars between different groups and ideologies…

    However, if I try to write something about the war-taking place in Somalia at this time…

    Who: the war is between the government soldiers supported by African Union peacekeepers (Uganda and Burundi) and Islamist fighters (Shabab and Hizbul Islam).

    What: different groups are fighting to be in command of Somalia including the Somali government, the Islamist fighters, the foreign brains, and so on…

    When: the fighting is between the government soldiers and Islamist fighters started in 2006 and continues up to now…

    Where: the war is taking place south and central Somalia specially the Somali capital Mogadishu. Moreover, there are peace regions in Somalia like Hargeisa, the second largest city in Somalia as well as Bossaso, the third largest city and the commercial city in Somalia…

    Why: because the Somali government defending themselves by the Islamist fighters who are struggling to remove from power Sheikh Sharif’s government (Sheikh Sharif is the president of Somalia) and install strict Islamic law in Somalia including penalties flogging, cut off hands and legs, stoning, and so on in public as a punishment…

    Good Luck

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    if u mean when america fought in somalia it went something like:

    Army sends troops to do peace keeping

    Army is replaced by Marines

    Fighting begins, and Army replaces Marines.

    Army wins

    Marines, Navy, Airforce, and Army continue peacekeeping/helping ppl in Somalia.

  • 1 decade ago can't do your own research?

    And I think the "where" is pretty self-explanatory.

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