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where do insects fit into food chains?

where do insects fit into food chains? please give detail.

im not exactly sure i know what this means, i mean...i do, but how specific can i be? i know theyre towards the bottom of the food chain....but how do i give detail?? thank ya

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    "Insects" is pretty generalized. Some insects can be herbivores (grasshoppers, for example), so they would be very near the bottom. But there are insects that are predators (praying mantis, ladybug), so they would be at least a step up, as would some wasps which lay their eggs on other insects for their larvae to parasitize.

    There are some predatory insects that are large enough that they are able to eat tadpoles, salamanders, and small fish. Ever hear of a "toebiter"?: So those guys would be pretty far up the food chain comapred to insects which are herbivores.

    And a number of insects are omnivores, and detritovores.

    So insects can fit in a number of places in a food chain, depending on the species.

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    Food Chain Of Insects

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