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Would you read a novel that is 2,000 pages long?

Nancy Pelosi's health care bill is 2,000 pages. Who in their right mind would even attempt to read such a monster? That is 4 reams of legalese made up by lawyers who never had a real job on the outside the beltway.

What do you think?


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    I have read several books of that length or greater...if it is my job to read that bill, then I read it.

    The House bill has an average of 210.6 words per page and a total of 419099 words (this includes headings, table of contents, roman numerals and outline letter and number headings, title and appendix.

    The average words per minute read is accepted to be 250 words per minute. This means an average reader should be able to read a page per minute of the house bill. Lets just say 2 minutes per page to make sure it is understood.

    At 1990 pages times 2 minutes per page that is 3980 minutes or 66 hours. If you take the 1 minute per page that is 33 hours.

    So I could read through this bill in about a week, with breaks and normal activities. Since the House bill has been online since last Monday, most congresspeople should be well on their way through it by now, if they are reading it. They have at least another week or two as well before a vote so there is really no excuse.

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    that's not really the problem, the first one 1,018 pages, 2,541 sections was driven by over 100,000 pages of rules and regulations. oNly the framers would know what is in it and could probably explain it but will not.

    A few things that will kick in before 2013-16 will be the elimination of the advantage program. then those people on limited income, whether elderly or handicapped will have to buy the 'gap insurance" for about $100 a month or $1,200 a year. Someone on social security bringing in $700-800 a month will be hard pressed. If they have a house the government will be more than happy to take it and give them free care, as they can stay in it till they expire. The other thing will be more doctors leave the Medicare program. right now it's about a third in the states are not in it. If you go to one of these doctors now and they charge 30% more, you have to pay the entire amount. It is not fair to people who have payed into the system all their lives, but that's the breaks. If Medicare would pay their part, then they could have a better chance of paying the rest. the secondary insurance will not cover it also.

    Figure the government is counting on this, so the ones with cash can use these doctors and the poor will be stuck with less doctors. australia and England have the same deal. They told me the one that can afford the real insurance get in in less than two weeks the others have to wait for months. By waiting it can certainly complicate it for an elderly person and is not good, but that's what they have set up other than the typical stuff that has always been out about it.

    It is interesting that the health care people have donated an amazing $500 million* to our House and Senate members. You may wonder why the drug lobbies have dedicated $120 million to burn in commercial time for the plan through PHARMA, well think about it if it passes they get another 30-50 million people on Medicare and can sell their high priced drugs, plus the imported 3rd world drugs ($4 prescriptions) the insurance lobbies did a little more, but will make big time on the gap insurance, like good ole AARP. Last time this type bill came through as the 2003 Prescription drug bill for medicare which basically cost the insurance guys an additional $50 million in donations and they got out of a minimum of $100 billion in costs that was dumped on medicare. The SCHIPS, children's reform bill that Bush and Kennedy passed I had no idea on it.

    But the 2,000 pages is not a huge problem, but even Rep. Conyers of Michigan joked he and two other attorneys couldn't read the first one and he wouldn't, but it is the rules and regulations they need to check.

    Have a good 2009!

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    It wouldve been 1,000 pages if you guys didn't stall us for so long.

    By the way, it's not Nancy Pelosi's healthcare bill.

    And yeah, remember that mess you guys left us? It was quite devastating and large. The fact that we have a 2000 page bill shouldn't be surprising. Learn to keep up. Maybe you'll clean up your own mess next time.

    And the fact that you don't want to read shows that conservatives lack education. Quite wasting our time, read the bill, and stop complaining like a child.

    We have an entire year to pass this bill by the way. Don't get too excited about booting people out.

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    I think that if a person likes to read then they would read a novel that is 2000 pages long. Some people like to read.

    As far as the healthcare bill goes...if you are interested enough then you will read that too. Maybe not in one day but you will read enough definitely make it a point to get an understanding as to how it pertains to you & how concerned you need to be about it.

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    I don't get at YA politics he right always complains about how dumb the liberals are but they whine and have to count the page of ever democratic bill and initiative, like it's so labersome. I guess it's easier for the members of congress to call the preisdent a liar before the read anything and unite against a bill they probably won't bother reading.

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    If it only had 125 words on each page and half of it was title pages ... yeah.

    About 300 pages in a REAL book.

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    Yes. But bills are much shorter than novels with the same page numbers because they are double spaced and have large margins.

    How is being a lawyer not having a real job? Why do people like you think only certain jobs qualify, yet you talk about personal responsibility?

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    I have downloaded the bill and I will try to read as much of it as I can stomach. Right now it is making my eyes swim. Maybe tomorrow I 'll give it a go.

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    If it was my job I would read it. Elected representatives who are not willing to read the bill should not run for reelection. When your representative holds a town hall meeting this is a perfect question. "Did you read all the bills you voted on?" "If not, why not?"

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