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Question about the USAF's 24th STS?

The 24th Special Tactics Squadron is the USAF's contribution to JSOC, which would put them in precisely the same league as the Army's 1st SFOD-D and the Navy's Development Group meaning that they would have to be just as well-equipped and trained as the latter two units right? Nevertheless there is very little information available on the 24th STS online and seeing as how most people have never heard of them as opposed to DEVGRU or Delta then maybe the Air Force was simply half-assing their contribution to JSOC because they have no willingness to have a Tier 1 Special Operations unit of their own; or could it be that I am wrong and the 24th STS only recruits from the best of the best in Pararescue, Combat Control, TACP and Weathermen and are simply capable of doing a much better job than the Navy or Army at keeping a lid on their most elite SO unit? Also why does the USMC not have a JSOC unit yet?

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    i can't get no info about 24th sts either but the marines just got in to socom so they might no have a jsoc unit for a long time

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    Why not ask this question on an Air Force-related forum? What a concept, eh? This forum is for 68th Armor conversation, discussion, and questions related to U.S. armored vehicles, tactics, stations etc.

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