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Coin collecting; any good tips?

i want to be able to collect at least 250 dollars in coin collecting-- does anyone know a easy way i can collect them?


imm not trying tooo buy coins, i wanna find themm, or save them,, any GOOOD! tips?

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    You could use a coin dealer. Or you could use ebay. There are many coin sellers there. What is it you want to collect - pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, or dollars?? Or do you want a combination of all of these??

    Ok, I see you don't want to pay for these. About all you can do, is look thru the change you get. Look for the presidential dollars, the different state quarters & some of the varieties of nickles.

    Before the u.s. went to copper-clad coins, you had a chance of getting some rare coins. But since 1964, that is no longer possible.

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    Don't. The only one who comes out ahead is the coin dealer(s). Try just saving your money instead. Watching your savings account grow is far more rewarding than buying 250 dollars worth of coins and then only getting 125 for them. I know... I've been through the game before.

    Source(s): 25 years of coin collecting.
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    If you plan to collect old rare coins, go for it. If you plan to save what the rest of the world is also collecting, then discover after much money is spent, that you wasted your time, energy, and money, stop now while you are ahead.

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    You could collect banknotes (world paper money), because that's what I collect and that gives me a lot of satisfaction as I can enjoy the educational benefits of worldwide currency banknotes, and also exchange or trade them with collectors, buy them from dealers (sometimes) or from shops and I can also sell them decades later for more money to other collectors or even to investors. I have a collection of 17 thousand + different world banknotes and I am still adding more to it. I used to collect stamps, but I find larger-than-stamps banknotes to be more rewarding in experience than stamps or postcards.

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