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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleMakeup · 1 decade ago

Bare Minerals, need help,?

I really wanted to try this product for awhile now. Many people say it really covers up your acne so, it's not noticeable, and takes away redness. If so, I really need this! but, other people say it doesn't cover up at all. So, should I put liquid foundation on first to cover up some blemishes and then put on BM?

By the way, i'm super new to this so sorry for all of the questions. Would you reccomend me getting the starters kit? What does it include? Do you like it? Tell me everything you know about Bare Minerals.

This would really help me out! Thanks. :)


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  • 1 decade ago
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    I recently got Bare Minerals and i absolutely love it. Don't use a liquid foundation underneath it because it will most likely make your face oily throughout the day which is the main cause of clogged pores (in other words, acne).

    Ulta has a bare mineral kit that has the foundation, mineral veil and the powder brush, which is what i recommend. If you have certain spots that are red and you would normally use concealer in it, you need to get the concealer brush. It is made by bare minerals, and the only difference is that it's bristles are tightly packed so it holds more powder for a better coverage. When you use the concealer brush, blend downwards so it blends in with the foundation.

    The mineral veil is a powder that is lighter than the foundation, and you put it on over your foundation in places that might get oily throughout the day.

    And if the bare minerals isn't covering up your acne, its because you are not putting enough on. You will probably want to go over your face at least twice with the powder. Don't be afraid of it, it will not make you skin ca-key.

    So if you have any more questions, feel free to ask :)

    Hope that helps...and in conclusion you should definitely get bare minerals.

    Source(s): I use BM
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well,even at 14 i know a lot about make-up so i suggest you not put on liquid foundation first bc that takes the whole sense of "bare"!PLUS Liquid foundation is gross and when u sweat it clogs your pores!and bare minerals DOES cover up just about anything to everything on ur face even redness!i love it bc i have breakouts sometimes and it helps tremendously with them!and it even stops some breakouts!!!so plz do try it and don't buy the starter kit just get the whole real thing

    Source(s): me!
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  • 1 decade ago is same but cheaper. I just purchased a FREE sample, and only paid the shipping cost.

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