what was the nobel prize of dna?

the prize that Rosalind Franklin deserved but some one else took that prize ?

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    The prize was for the discovery of the DNA double helix (one of the forms of DNA- it takes on other shapes as well.)

    No rational person thinks Watson and Crick cheated her out of the prize. SHe perhaps deserved a share and Watson says so clearly in his book and in other places. But the Nobel Prize is given only to the living. R. Franklin died too soon to get her share.

    One problem she had was that every one disliked or hated her- she was impossible to work with, abusive, cutting, contemptuous. THis shouldn't have affected the recognition she got but it did limit her chances for prizes.

    EDIT Read the November 4, 2009 column The WIld Side by Olivia Judson in the New York TImes (free on the internet) The column this week is called License to Wonder and explains why though her work as a techncian was critical to Watson and Crick, she herself could not /did not make use of her own brilliant work. (You should always read her column she is great.)

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    James Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins

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