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Advice about cross country running?

Hey right now im a sophomore in high school. Since the cross country season already started i would have to wait until next year. Im interested in joining the team but im concerned im starting to late(ill be a junior).I've never been on any track or cc team before.

i need some advice:

Is it too late to start?

what does it take to make the team?

how long are the distances you usually have to run?

whats the average times for running a mile or 3 miles?

how in shape do you have to be?

and if your on a cc team please give me as much input as posible thanks!

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    It's never too late to start.

    Trust me, I just joined this year: I'm a junior.

    It's a no-cut team.

    During practices, it varies depending on your coach, your team and your own personal abilities. Day before races are shorter practices. On hard days, girls ran about eight miles. Boys ran at least ten. On medium days, we run for a certain amount of time. Generally around forty minutes straight. If we do timed hard days, we go for an hour. Races themselves are generally 3.1 miles. I hear there're shorter races, but we only ran one 2 mile race and that wasn't even official.

    Mile times also vary. Some people actually do average on miles, but can keep it consistent so they get a better 3 mile time than those that can run the mile faster than them. It's all on endurance. But to give you an idea:

    Our fastest girl, her mile time was under 5, I'm pretty sure. Her 3.1 mile time was 18:06. She won districts and is going to state.

    Our fastest guy, I have no idea what his mile is, but I can guarantee it's probably got 4:30 beat xD His 3.1 mile time was 16:03.

    That's what you see on varsity. For JV: most girls I've seen get around 21-25 minutes in their races depending on the course, since hills or certain types of terrain take different amounts of time for people. And the average mile I've heard or seen is around 6:40-7:30 minutes.

    You don't have to be in shape at all. There was a girl that joined and she'd been running only a mile or two a few times a week during the summer because she was lazy. She came and nearly died and wanted to quit. Her first race she got a time of 38:45. She didn't even show up to all of the practices, and she always gave up at some point in the first few weeks during practice, but by the end of the season she got her time down to 30:51. That's massive. So you don't have to be in shape. You just have to be determined to keep going and commit to it.

    But it'll be helpful to be in shape or at least be used to running a few miles. So running a few miles a few times a week would definitely help you.

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    When I came to join Cross Country my freshman year I had honestly never even wore running shoes before. You don't really have to be in shape, but the first two weeks are hell. If you come during your school's summer program and work hard, you'll be fine.

    Depending on the school (if their team is known as being good it'll be more, if they're known as being bad it'll be less) probably about 35 miles a week for girls. What they normally do is have long runs on certain days and short runs on certain days, so it's not 6/6/6/6/6/6 it's more like 8/4/9/3/7/4 (miles).

    The average time for running three miles in a girls JV race in the Southern Section in California (which is one of the fastest places in the nation, depends where you live) in the Girl's JV race (which you'll most likely be running unless you make varsity) the winner ran a 19:34 3 mile, and the middle of the pack was in about 23:20, and dead last place was 35: 26. The average mile depends a lot on the race, cross country people rarely run even splits, so for a 19:34 3 mile, which is a 6:31 pace, the first mile was probably in the 6:10s. In the middle of the pack (a 7:47 pace) the first mile was probably sub 7:30.

    The varsity is a completely different story, you'll have to be able to run the opener in at least under 7, probably well above 7, and keep pretty even splits, varsity is a lot faster and they train more.

    Good luck! I recommend taking some runs in between now and next season so you'll be kind of in shape.

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    it is never too late for cc

    there are no marks to make the team

    for my school, about 60 to 80 miles a week and 3 miles races

    when starting 5:15 a mile and 17 min for three miles are great

    try to be in shape when the season starts

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    Its not too late to start. I run cross country and trust me its awesome. It takes the will to push yourself hard and challene yourself to make the

    team. The distance is usually a 5k or 3.1 miles and in my opinion its a really good distance. A good average time would be about 21 min. But you want to cut your time down as much as possible. As long as you have good endurance and the will power to improve no matter what then you should do great.

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    It's not too late.

    You don't have to try out.

    10 miles at the most. (Don't worry it gets easier!)


    3 miles-21:00

    You can be totally out of shape in the beginning, but trust me, you'd be amazed to see how in shape you become after just a few weeks.

    I knew a girl who couldn't run a mile without walking in the beginning of cross country, but at the end of the season she was running varsity!

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    I run a 5:30 mile and a 19:27 3 mile. I am fast i won district this year. A race for varsity girls is usually two miles. I run in Asic shoes. I would sit this season out, but be working for next season all year. Swimming is a great corss training.. It works for cardio mostly. talk to your coach and he will give you a daily activity to do. Eat right.

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    train alot over the summer, and ya you do have to be in shape for cross country unless you wanna suck. the average mile time for the girls on my high school xc team is around 6 mins. for us guys its around 5. Train hard during the summer. you cant expect to be good if you just show up cold on the first day of practice. hope this helps

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    its not too late.

    its a not a cut sport.

    5miles a day.

    you don't have be in shape you just have to be able to keep up with everyone else.

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