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How can I find out the names of the diatomic molecules and compounds just by reading them?

I missed a seminar and I have to work on a worksheet. I'm in Grade 9 and I really have no clue. They don't tell us where to read in the textbook. I understand what a binary compound is... but maybe not completely. Sorry if this question confuses anyone or seems a bit stupid.

They give us the name and we write the formula. Then for another question, they give us the formula and we write the name.

Example: O2 ____

etc etc :S please help!

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    If I understand your question correctly I think I have an answer.

    If you are referring ONLY to diatomic then here it goes.

    First -

    Q: What is a diatomic?

    A: A molecule that naturally exist with 2 elements - ex. O2 - the reason for this is the molecule is not stable enough to exist alone.

    Second -

    Q: How do you know its a diatomic?

    A: On the periodic table the trick is it go to element 7 and make a 7, so N,O, F, Cl, Br, and I.

    Third -

    Q: How do I name diatomics?

    A: Your example, O2, would be Oxygen. The reason you wouldn't say di-oxygen is because it is naturally in the diatomic state. If you know what elements are diatomic ("go to 7, make a 7") then you can write the structure easily.

    ex. Iodine = I2

    Bromine = Br2

    N2 = Nitrogen

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Senior Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Student
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