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Alice In Wonderland Books?

What are some books that are the same theme as Alice in Wonderland? I know the Looking Glass Wars is one, but are there any others?


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    * Alice Through the Needle's Eye by Gilbert Adair, a 1984 sequel to the Carroll's Alice books.

    * The Looking Glass Wars, and its follow-up novel, Seeing Redd, written by Frank Beddor depicts an alternative to Carroll's Alice, implying that Carroll in fact distorted the story of Princess Alyss Heart (AKA Alice Liddell) who had been sent to Earth when the evil Queen Redd conquered Wonderland. The series follows Alyss' exploits with familiar characters cast in new roles.

    * Alice's Journey Beyond the Moon, by R. J. Carter (ISBN 1903889766, Telos Publishing), fictionally purports to be a second sequel. It is heavily footnoted, however, with valid biographical information on both Dodgson and Liddell.

    * Alice in Quantumland, by Robert Gilmore, is an allegory of quantum mechanics told through the adventures of Alice's explorations of the world of modern physics, with quanta depicted as eccentric characters similar to those in Wonderland, and quantum laws as the nonsensical or counter-intuitive rules governing Carroll's world.

    * "Alice's Last Adventure", a 1985 short story by Thomas Ligotti is a present-day horror tale using Carroll-derived imagery.

    * Automated Alice by Jeff Noon. In this illustrated novella, Alice enters a grandfather clock and emerges in future Manchester, which has many bizarre denizens including an invisible cat named Quark and Celia, the Automated Alice.

    * The Whole, or "Duh Whole" (published by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books/MTV Books), a novel by John Reed, features an MTV VJ following a psychedelic Black Rabbit into the depths of a hole that has appeared in the United States Heartland.[citation needed]

    * A New Alice in the Old Wonderland, an 1895 novel by Anna M. Richards.

    * "Złote popołudnie" ("Golden Afternoon"), a short story by Andrzej Sapkowski, retells the story of Alice from the point of view of the Cheshire Cat.

    * Alice in Puzzle-Land: A Carrollian Tale for Children Under Eighty by Raymond Smullyan is a book of riddles featuring Carroll's characters as protagonists.

    * Otherland by Tad Williams, a science fiction series heavily influenced by Alice. There are sections involving a Red Queen, the chess-squares concept from Looking Glass, and evil men following the protagonists who take the form of Tweedledum and Tweedledee several times.

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    I think that allice is original book so you will not found something better, but if i can i will recomend you

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