i need to pick an actor for my english project and write facts and qualities?who should i pick?

i need someone who is good looking but not robert pattinson and some one who is talented help please and write me some of his qualities

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    Samantha Morton.

    Born and raised in Nottingham, grew up in care of social services in foster homes and children's homes.

    No formal training as an actress.

    Started in TV children's programmes then dramas, then film.

    Worked with directors incl Woody Allen; Steven Speilberg.

    Co-stars incl Richard Harris; Daniel Craig; Woody Harrelson; Kate Bekinsale; Sean Penn; Tom Cruise; Johnny Depp.

    Oscar nominated twice. (Mute role in Sweet and Lowdown)

    Many different "looks", not overly glamourous.

    Versatile actress

    Often called "difficult to work with"

    Friends incl Kate Moss

    2 children (different fathers), engaged to Harry Holme, music video director and son of "Charriots of Fire" actor.

    Suffered accident induced stroke age 29, recovered quickly then back to work.

    Source(s): I know sam personally, but all info is available on websites if you Google Samantha Morton, and perhaps look at Nottingham evening Post.
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    Johnny Depp

    Brad Pitt

    Orlando Bloom

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    David Tenant

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