european impact on somalia?

what were some??

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    European colonists (Italian, British, and French) came to Somalia during the Scramble for Africa. The British occupied the Somaliland region of Somalia, the French occupied the country now known as Djibouti, and the Italians occupied the rest (Puntland and other areas). The British had little affect on Somali culture and language in Somaliland except that Somalis in that region might know English as a result of the colonization. The Italians did not affect Somali culture and language much on Somalis in some areas, but it did have more affect that the British did. Older Somalis from that region learned Italian as a part of the curriculum (my father speaks it), Somalis from those regions use some Italian loan words occasionally such as "ciao" and other words. The Italians built Catholic cathedrals in some parts of Italian-colonized Somalia (which has been a Muslim nation for centuries) and Christian orphanages. I'm not sure who exactly built the cinemas in Somalia but in the 1940s, old Italian movies (and American cowboys movies) would play in them.

    The affects that the British and Italy had on Somalia wasn't large. Somali culture remained basically unchanged despite being under European occupation for close to a century. Somalis are a proud people who often oppose outside influences in their culture and country. The majority of Somalis did not mix with the British or Italian, although a few did mix with Italians but those couplings were very rare. Those who did marry Italians (during colonization and post-colonization) were usually not ethnically Somali and were sometimes the minority ethnic groups of Somalia (like the Bantu, Ethiopians, etc).

    The French affected Djibouti much more. French is widely spoken in Djibouti today (as well as Somali) whereas hardly any Somalis speak Italian and English anymore in Somalia. The culture in Djibouti is Somali with French influences. I'm not too sure about the culture of Djibouti but I know that they are more Europeanized than the rest of Somalia.

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