What do you think really happened between Brian and Jason on Syfy's Ghost Hunters?

Just wanted to see what the majority of viewers think about the relationship between Jason and Brian. I think Jason disliked Brian, even though he claimed to be his friend. He treated him terrible, he always tried to belittle him on every episode. I feel Brian was a good investigator. What was really going on there? I think Brian should start his own show on another network.

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    Brian Harnois was TAPS' first "tech specialist" there before and just after Jason and Grant signed contracts with the Sci-Fi Channel that created "Ghost Hunters". I believe Harnois' life wasn't adapting well to the sudden fame Ghost Hunters had gained--and this DID get Jason's attention.

    Jason and Grant DID give Brian some pretty fair leeway in hoping he'd straighten out these issues---but the TAPS founders felt aggressive pressures from Sci-Fi Channel show production execs---who felt Brian had to go. Enter Steve Gonzales---someone clearly ambitious and one Sci-Fi liked.

    Under the pressure, Jason DID belittle Brian there in the end---because Jason felt the show was being threatened by his principles to keep Harnois on. Jason Hawes saw Ghost Hunters potential to become his personal pot of gold---and he wasn't about to have ANYTHING kill that dream.

    When Ghost Hunters International was created---Jason made the easy call to transfer Brian over to THAT newly formed team. Essentially, Brian's there till GHI's mid-first season.....then ***poof!!*** Brian was gone---and NOT one word was spoken about it.

    I suspect Sci-Fi channel pressures followed Harnois---and prompted Rob Demearest to let Harnois go. But I didn't see any frictions existent between Harnois, Demearest or any of the GHI team.

    And to date, Brian Harnois has not spoken out about HIS side to this whole issue, but I feel confident the guy became the victim of television politics.

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    Brian Harnois

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    from watching what happened and they really didnt go into details but brian did some things that really hurt his taps family according to the show it was caused by his gf, ive watched some of the episodes with brian and it may seem as if jason is being hard on him but if you watch some of brians behavior and comments he had a role in the problem, i prefer the show without brian personally i like steve better as tech manager but thats just my opinion, everyone is entitled to their own.

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    Ghost Adventures, by capacity of far! lots extra conceivable, and that i think of Zak's warm. And enable's purely say i like them attempting to deliver the ghosts OUT, while Ghost Hunters tries to debunk the ghosts. i'm honestly gazing GA's Preston fortress learn perfect now!

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