Can I use pay pal to pay my virgin mobile bills?

I'm new to virgin mobile! So I was reading reviews about it.

I saw a lot of bad reviews that virgin mobile takes money from your bank account without asking. Can I register my pay pal and put certain amount needed on it so they can't randomly take my money from my bank account? Can pay pal overdraft too? If I registered pay pal, would it still take money from my bank account?

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    Three ironclad rules I tell every Virgin Mobile newbie.

    1)Pay with TOPUPS ONLY. Virgin mobile has been known to overcharge credit, debit cards and paypal accounts . It is very hard to get a refund.

    Topups protect you .

    2)Make sure you have ENOUGH MONEY to cover taxes and extra charges (like the Federal Emergency 911 number tax). If you want the $19.99 plan, your $20 topup will NOT be ENOUGH. But you won't know it if you don't check. The extra penny won't cover all the taxes.

    Virgin Mobile will then change your rate from the unlimited plan to 15 cents a text, their per text/non plan rate because you couldn't pay for the plan and the tax. No tax, no plan. That comes out to 133 texts per $20. Far from unlimited. Topup with a $30 card the FIRST time to cover the taxes. Then topup the month after using a $20 card, the leftover balance from the $30 covering your taxes. Just pay $20 per month till your leftover extra runs low and then topup with a $30 card again and go back to $20s until you run low again.

    3) Make sure you get what you want. This is connected to number two.

    If you topup, CHECK your plan. Make sure it is what you ordered. The first day you are using it. CHECK. And the day your topup time is coming again , CHECK. That way, you get what you want, not what Virgin Mobile is giving you by default.

    Do these three things and it will save you some potential headaches down the road.

    Now my presents to you. When you buy the a phone, if you order it online, use this promo code: FALL2009 and submit. It will knock 20% off select phone models. Shipping is free. Don't activate via phone, do it online as they will charge you $10 if over the phone. Online is free.

    When you do activate, enter this kickback code: copy and paste it: bOJUQIop You will receive 60 free minutes if you activate a new account with at least $20 ( I recommend $30 the first time) and enter the code under kickbacks.

    20 percent off, free minutes and advice. You can use regular Topup cards, no need messaging only cards from Virgin Mobile. As long as the dollar amount is high enough and you punch in what you want into the website clearly and carefully , it should go allright.

    Take care, btw, if you are interested in the future, I can show you how you can get over 5000 free VM minutes a year with some effort as well as how to get other freebies. Legal , free and easy.

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  • 4 years ago

    you can go online and click top up using either the top up card or credit card OR you can call the number on your top up card OR you can go to a virgin mobile store and use your credit or top up card

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  • 6 years ago

    Use this link and code to get $25 FREE Credit to your account!!

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